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Before and after

Before: Looking pretty damn scared – not knowing what was to come….

After: Very drowned rat kidnapesque! Feeling accomplished, physically and mentally drained but left wanting more! 28 more words

This House

The screen door
swings open.

She jumps–
off her guard;

on edge
all evening.

This house
has no ghosts.

Husband’s home.
She eyes him

coldly, 12 more words


Did I Crack?

I’m back! I’m alive! Just a quick one cause I think I need to down the bottle of Morgan’s Spiced that’s sitting on the side. … 83 more words


I’ve never been the best at introducing myself so here goes nothing! My name’s Sam, I’m 22 and I live in Birmingham, England. All my life I’ve been obsessed with horror and absolutely anything to do with it. 283 more words

The Forest Haunted. 

The pine and oak knurl and curl the shadow upon the forest floor. The sunlight triumphant high in the sky smiles a smirk that the branches and trees cannot block out the rays of light completely. 113 more words

Words That Link Together

The Knight-giant In The Wall By Becky Cherriman

Nobody but the knight-giant knew why he had left his cave and transmogrified into the wall of a cliff. But the question was the subject of local rumour up until the last century, after which such debates were, somewhat predictably, removed to academic institutions. 1,046 more words

The Houses October Built

Every October, various haunted houses and corn mazes open up all over the country. Their sole purpose is to scare the living hell out of you. 690 more words