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Every Step

But Death, he makes his presence known

With every step I take alone

He haunts me in shadows of the night

He haunts me in fluorescent lights… 93 more words


Jean Rhys at Twilight

Nutrition fact:
Did you know
that windows
like to eat writers
who diet on silence
and dust-motes,
they swallow the writers
whole, or in fragments, 29 more words
John Biscello

In the end, the words you don’t say are going to haunt you just as much as the ones you do.

Republicans Got Greedy With Gerrymandering. Now It’s Coming Back To Haunt Them. “It just was so nakedly partisan.”

When Thomas Hofeller travelled across the country at the beginning of the decade to talk to lawmakers about the redistricting process, he brought a warning… 1,111 more words


How haunted

How is it that you haunt me so

How is it that I can’t find

A way to let you go

I searched for so long… 36 more words


Left Haunted

I just realized

The time I’ve put into you

Isn’t worth half of the happiness

I’ll never have with you.

Fleeting words on a bright screen… 50 more words



“I’m supposed to be in solitary!”

“But I’m your girl. I’d never abandon you, baby.”

He recoils; her proximity stifling, her dress still imbrued with the evidence of his crime. 58 more words

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