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The feelings we experience no matter the situation are what can continue to haunt us later, you may not remember exactly what happened but you remember how it felt and how you never want to feel like that again but the memory will never stop conjuring itself in your mind, continuously on a loop.

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Memories of days gone by
Are here to haunt for ever:
The essence of a seagull’s cry
Between right now and never.

Memories of days long past… 41 more words


Reality of love

“Fuck you “she said with fire in her eyes
As her blood began to boil
“Im sick of this shit ,and this life,
And the constant fucking turmoil” 154 more words


Black Widow Mine Exploration

The Black Widow Mine is a massive mine with over 7000 feet of workings spread out through six complicated levels. The mine is accessed via two tunnel entrances. 115 more words


I have always been a fan of ghost stories, ever since I first went to a Girl Scout camp. I’m one of those people who tend to believe a story a person tells me, especially when dealing with the supernatural. 1,215 more words

There are 9 copies of Haunt left. Everybody panic.

For those who don’t remember, my last book signing was terrifying.  And when I say terrifying, what I really mean is I sat there for two hours with The Hubs and my mother and drank wine and that’s fine…but I peddled few books.   640 more words


343. Ghosts Are Some of My Best Friends

Ghosts are some of my best friends,

Though I’m not sure they want to be;

I certainly don’t care for their games,

Or their endless mockery. 177 more words