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the echo of last night

i sit sipping a fine cocktail of lost things and last times.

tomorrow is the last time i will ride the school bus. all it is now is now a vessel of times long gone by; a sunflower that no longer looks me in the eye. 184 more words


looking for answers

You asked me several important questions
I can’t find the answers to them

they haunt me though
day and night


poem - to become gone

I chase hidden eyes
I find them in the floors
I even find them in my walls-
The only problem I have
is once I’ve found them- 18 more words


Mistletoe Bride

“The Mistletoe Bough” written by Thomas Bayley (Bayly) in the early 1800’s and set to music in 1830, might have been inspired by an incident in Germany, reported in 1809. 377 more words


Chamber of Horrors: A Very Scary X-Mas Open Tonight!

Haunt season is far from over, and tonight our friends at Chamber of Horrors- New York will be hosting a very important event.

Ticket sales from “A Very Scary- X-Mas” will play a massive impact on the future of this innovative attraction. 128 more words


2017-10-28 - Apartment 213

Few things scare people more than the unknown. So, it makes sense that when a new group raises its head in the immersive horror landscape, it creates some ripples. 1,641 more words