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As much as I want to forget that night, I want to remember it.

Sometimes, when I sit in an empty bus, staring out the window, scenes play in my head, scenes so fantastical that I can’t tell which is real and which is just imagination anymore. 168 more words

Dreaming of Jeannie

If you take the other path through the subway
– past the flats and cemetery – you’ll find a park
with the graves of rose-beds that have been turfed over. 101 more words


Lost And Thinking Of All I've Lost

Try as I might, I can’t focus on the doctor’s instructions and since it’s my Great Aunt Shirl who’s come to pick me up, I know she isn’t concentrating either. 430 more words

Daily Prompt

Discussing the undiscussable

Yeah, I know… Gramatically “undiscussable” is incorrect.  Just couldn’t come up with the right term for it.  Plus it just sounds exactly what it is supposed to mean.   701 more words


I am never alone.
Your ghost is with me always.
Taking up space.
Turning on the television.
Making the empty house creak.

You should just go. 85 more words

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