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Strokes of Morning Sunshine

Just touch your flowers 

and leaves, with

some gentle strokes 

of morning sunshine, 

and watch the outcome, 

how the enchanting magic

unfolds itself!

The fluorescent colours, 66 more words


Master no more

After you have been burned
many times
the memory of the flames
and ensuing pain
is enough impediment
to stop you
from ever trying
to touch the flame… 80 more words


Psychology of Haunts

People have been scaring each other for centuries, whether it be passing along folktales, gore-filled theater dating back to the Shakespearian era, telling ghost stories around a campfire, or paying people to scare the snot out of you while you walk through a haunted attraction. 284 more words


The past haunts

The future daunts

The present trickles down

In streams of unrelenting tears

daring memories to die;

forbidding dreams to fly.

Locked behind the bars of the mind… 18 more words


Hurricane Matthew Is an Asshole

Click on this link, then scroll down until you see the tweet from Derek Medlin. That was shot on the outside just outside our property where we’re building the haunt. 49 more words

Night Walkers

I am waiting outside for my lift

It’s only 9:25

on a Saturday night

and I could get drunk

tonight. October feels like August,

and I let my mind go to that place… 165 more words