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I’m a sex addict the internal disease

I want them all to use me

To do just as they please
I want them all to make me their whore… 55 more words


P: Past

Do you know what it is like,

to lie in bed awake;

with thoughts to haunt

you every night,

of all your past mistakes

Knowing sleep will set it right— 6 more words


Poetry's Ghosts

Words scatter in
broken forms across
old pages

Sepia toned synonyms
fade helplessly in
the margins

Metaphors, similes, personification –
apparitions –
their figurative allusions… 10 more words


Change that which haunts you

We hold so tightly
Cling for dear life
To that which is past
To our history
Meant to teach us
Not to bind us to it… 61 more words



The rain is heavily falling and your ghost is constantly calling out to me, insisting to be set free into the physical. Our chemicals crave being mixed, reality but a twisted trick of secrets long unconfessed, desiring to be undressed.