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Lost touch with struggle
Survival still runs in our blood
Ghosts of times way past
Haunt the easiness of life
Stir us to fight back


Breaking Up

It breaks my heartless soul

To see you break your life

Down into definitions

Instead of just being you.

You said the same things

When you were here… 78 more words


WALK RIGHT IN, sit right down

For about five years while in England, my mother lived in a haunted house. Except for the time her bed was tipped over with her in it, she had fun. 261 more words

My View Of The World


hurt haven for
wallowing, closed
to public,

doorboards, tempt

floors varnished- thin

hate sags
drab windows

soaks drapes for
the tarnished,

roof, collapsed
on mirthfully

© Anthony Gorman 2018

Hands In The Garden

Every Step

But Death, he makes his presence known

With every step I take alone

He haunts me in shadows of the night

He haunts me in fluorescent lights… 93 more words


Jean Rhys at Twilight

Nutrition fact:
Did you know
that windows
like to eat writers
who diet on silence
and dust-motes,
they swallow the writers
whole, or in fragments, 29 more words
John Biscello

In the end, the words you don’t say are going to haunt you just as much as the ones you do.