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Change that which haunts you

We hold so tightly
Cling for dear life
To that which is past
To our history
Meant to teach us
Not to bind us to it… 61 more words



The rain is heavily falling and your ghost is constantly calling out to me, insisting to be set free into the physical. Our chemicals crave being mixed, reality but a twisted trick of secrets long unconfessed, desiring to be undressed.

Corridor in the Asylum by Vincent Van Gogh

This haunting view of a sharply receding corridor is the artist’s most powerful depiction of the asylum of Saint-Paul-de-Mausole in St. Rémy, where he spent twelve months near the end of his life… Read more about this picture on The Met.



The city took the best of Him
Him the best of it
Becoming Hollow in the process
Drifting…Haunting the streets
(+) every soul He’d come to meetx


Blocked Senses

I hear you in the wind my friend

I feel you in my skin

I try to disconnect from you

And you slide deeper in… 52 more words


Someone Please

Someone kill me please

I can’t take this any more

I’m tired of feeling beaten down

And I’m tired of this floor
Someone kill me please… 71 more words



Telling yell. Phantasms, ectoplasms, dares.