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The Inn Pt. 10

Last night I had another experience in the lobby bathroom. I’ve mentioned before how the paper towel dispenser will dispense towels when nobody is waving their hand in front of it, or even in the bathroom. 444 more words


Teaser Tuesday: Sneakers (Nightmares & Dreamscapes)

Teaser Tuesday post for 15 July 2014:

At first his course of action had seemed clear-cut and simple: avoid that particular men’s room, and avoid all thoughts and questions about the sneakers.  110 more words

Teaser Tuesday

The Cantina Ghosts, Part 2

By Sylvia Shults

… Continued from Part 1

The men’s room at The Cantina is a tiny room, with dark gray walls and an impossibly tall ceiling. 1,098 more words


The Cantina Ghosts, Part 1

By Sylvia Shults

My husband Rob has long had the dream of being his own boss, of running his own business. In August 2011, he got his wish when he purchased the bar at 431 ½ Court Street in Pekin. 1,236 more words


Former Home Of The Haunted Toilet

The bathroom that used to be on this spot in Inokashira Park was inhabited by an obake. In addition to the obvious creepitude of the sensation that an invisible something was watching you when you weren’t in the most flattering of circumstances, this ghost slammed doors and walked around if you went in alone. 147 more words

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No Clue Where This Came From

I had the strangest weekend ever, filled with “Black Swan,” a haunted bathroom, compulsive perfectionism, insomnia, a haircut, humor books, an abundance of crosswords, “Rocky Horror Picture Show,” contradictory revelations, and much more. 198 more words