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Thoughts of Most Haunted

Some of you might have watched, or at least heard of, Most Haunted. If you’ve never heard of it, it’s a TV show where a group of ghost hunters go to supposedly haunted locations around Ireland and the UK. 323 more words


Mysteries of Clonegam

This is one of the most peaceful views in the country. You are slowly driving uphill watching for pheasants and cars coming in the opposite direction, and when you finally reach the top of the hill you stop for a second to take in the view of the green fields dotted with ancient trees – a pastoral landscape rolling towards the Comeragh Mountains. 766 more words



Contrary and contorted, the inquisitor retreated
To study the rules and regulations for details
To bribe the authorities to seek the maximum
Penalty for betraying the monarchy and the court… 56 more words



You are not scared.
We do not get scared;
We are the fear-wringers,
The scare-bringers.

You are not haunted.
We are not haunted,
Even when into our bedrooms they crept… 72 more words



I sat crouched in the corner of the dark room. The only source of illumination was the open window, through which silvery moonlight streamed in. With seconds crawling to minutes my anticipation increased and my neck tingled with gooseflesh. 668 more words

Fiction Stories

Chapter 3.32: Speechless

Like always, it was a dark and stormy night in Midnight Hollow. The skies were painted with deeps hues of red and purple, and the trees were as black as night. 988 more words

Sims 3