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The Reflection

Tears streamed down her cheeks as she slammed the door and hit the light switch, instantly turning her room into darkness. She could still hear the screaming and fighting although the door swathed the sounds coming from her parent’s bedroom. 1,829 more words


The Haunted Part 2

There is a lot that can happen on a ghost hunt.  What we don’t always talk about is what you might experience after.  Some of our investigators have had spirits follow them home, and it can really feel like an intrusion.   554 more words


A street

The ice cream truck plays it’s happily haunted tune as it passes, and when the dust has settled from its disturbance the street exhales a solemn sigh.


Ghost story or family conspiracy?

If you’re going to die early, you may as well mess with your family for japes after you’ve gone.

Legend has it that North Carolina farmer James Chaffin returned from beyond the grave to clear up a distinctly unnecessary inheritance issue, but had fun by sending his relatives on a treasure hunt first. 272 more words


Is CCTV footage of ghostly child a hoax?

Time to get your bifocals out again – a Queensland man claims to have captured the form of a ghostly child on CCTV.

One morning Chris Mitchell-Clare noticed that a gate in his fence, which was usually locked overnight, was standing open. 153 more words