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You feel your eyelids droop and wonder if you can read another page, another sentence, another word… Fear of death in the night keeps you awake but these ignored writing hours will come back to haunt your dreams, for you will have forgotten what is now unforgivable to forget.


Haunted Tours: The Old Main

On January 16th of 1843, the New York State Lunatic Asylum opened its doors. 380 single rooms for patients, 24 for their attendants, 20 dormitories each accommodating from 5 to 12 persons, 16 parlors or day rooms, 12 dining rooms, 24 bathing rooms, 24 closets and 24 water closets. 343 more words



It haunts like a never ending plague

The stench of failure

Putrid and suffocating

Hounding like an ancient mad dog

Hysteria sings a song

As she began to sleep soundly in the heart… 51 more words


11. More than Kin and Less than Satan

Katy takes us to the seaside Chambercombe Manor in England which boasts of a bricked up room with terrible secrets and guilt-wracked spirits while Morgan gives an account of a good ol’ demonic possession, 70s style.   40 more words


395. All or Nothing

The me I would have been,

I can not recall.

I don’t know the me which existed,

Before life changed it all.

I don’t remember the good times, 146 more words


You're A Ghost In My Mind

Your whisper is like a ghost in my mind
The subtle inflection haunting my brain
Calling to me in the night
Each and every word dragging me back… 210 more words

Haunted Without Ghosts

Typing just key into the Search box makes it easy to browse WordPress blogs like this one.   Here, the button (atop the vertical black bar) reveals widgets like the Search box. 39 more words