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Bad dreams, nightmares, basic anxiety plaguing your sleeping patterns. Thankfully I’m not someone who suffered from this too often. Sure, my dreams have always related to what’s going on in my life and have always offered a truer reflection of any deeper feelings: irrational dreams before term starts, family if I particularly miss Dad that day, love if I fall asleep on FaceTime with my boyfriend… 230 more words


This Hotel Is So Haunted, Current Management Requires Guests To Sign A Waiver

It’s hard to believe we’re a little over two months away from Halloween.  So why not get an early start with a spooky ghost story? 240 more words


Like a Ghost.

It started as this poem:

When you feel like a ghost
Wandering invisible and lost
Your heart is broken
And your thoughts are haunted
You could scream so loud…

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