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Ti West On the Real Haunting That Inspired ‘The Innkeepers’

From IndieWire

IndieWire: The story behind the reason you made “The Innkeepers” is almost as good (and scary) as the film itself. Can you tell it for those who aren’t familiar? 287 more words



While I’m balancing life with graduating school with a graphics art degree and thinking I’m done with that for a while, and then getting a freelancing job doing a newsletter and being even busier, here I am blogging about dreams because I’ve had almost zero time to write my book.

608 more words


Your presence lingers

Within the depths of my soul

Like a restless ghost




I was angry. No one was paying any attention to me. I was trying to rest and they were all moving around, making so much noise. 678 more words

From bones it grows

The night is fading and you can taste morning in the air.

The vague shapes swallowed by the darkness

awaken again as the flowers begin to open. 98 more words


This Hotel Is So Haunted That Guests Have To Sign A Waiver Before Staying In It

If paranormal activities excite you, the Haunted Shanley Hotel in New York should be high on the list of places you want to visit.

The tariff at this hotel has been kept fairly cheap, at $9 per night, but there are other requirements you have to fulfill to be able to ‘afford’ this experience. 36 more words

Why Are Video Game Tech Demos So Effing Haunted?

By Loryn Stone

Video game hardware and software creators like to showcase the boner-popping capabilities of their systems. When you have a system as complex as one that creates video games, you want to make sure the public knows of said system’s capabilities. 851 more words

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