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? | April 28, 2016 | Dream Journal | Strange Things Happening Involving Automobiles And/Or Houses?

After typing today’s dream (April 28, 2016) I sat down on the couch to rest my legs for a moment (I stand up most of the day, and I have a standing desk) when suddenly a very old dream from many years ago before I had a blog came to my mind, and so I am not sure when I had this dream but I know that it was many years ago before I even knew what blogs were and possibly before blogs were even a thing. 357 more words


Best Activities in Key West

Key West has something to offer all types of travelers. Whether you are a beach goer, a haunt seeker, a conch eater, a water sports fanatic, a sunset chaser, or even a drinker, Key West has it all. 635 more words


Touching the Dead

The custom of Touching the Dead still lingers in many countries today, including some rural areas in the North of Britain.

One explanation for this custom is that touching protects the person involved from being haunted by the ghost of the deceased. 73 more words


Prophetic Cemetery

The cemetery gate in Dao, Antiqué Philippines says, “Kami Karon – Kamo Dason.” Translated: “We are now here. You will be here.”


NO ONE is Allowed in The Whaley House After 4 P.M.

The Thomas Whaley mansion, completely furnished with antiques from the days of early California, is also considered to be a haunted house. Immediately after its construction was completed in 1857, the mansion became the center of business, government, and social affairs in Old San Diego. 825 more words


The Ancient Ram Inn Paranormal Investigation

After a long wait I was given the chance to visit one of the most apparent haunted buildings in the UK. Built on 2 lay lines and has a history of torture witchcraft and sacrifice. 1,260 more words

Mad Mark


Between the four walls and three gates stands a man at the crossroads of one and seven.

He knows what to do and he knows what not,he’s licked the lips of elysium until he broke his wings and fell into the blues. 105 more words