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Tell Me, Honey, What Haunts You Tonight?

The blaring alarms and glaring deadlines

The to-do list that never seems to end

The grade, the cheque, the letter,

the destiny-determining piece of paper… 141 more words

I *DO* Believe in Spooks!

Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum (1864-1994)

The building sits on a rather ominous 666 acres and follows what is called the Kirkbride plan. Long wings that were staggered to allow additional fresh air and light were supposed to provide a curative effect, but the asylum was a living hell for the people that called it home. 494 more words


Fiction: Legal Theft--Anson Woods (99 words)

Deep within the yew and cottonwoods, the beast waited.  His red eyes began to glow as the sun set, and the darkness overtook the woods.  If you listen carefully, you can hear his nails scrape against the bark of the trees, just waiting for someone to get close enough to strike. 50 more words


A Brooklyn Haunting: When the Paranormal Chooses YOU

Man shares photos and videos of alleged paranormal encounters

 By: KELSEY WEEKMAN, AOL.COM          Feb 27th 2017

Charles Brandon claims he can see dead people. He wants you to see them, too. 466 more words


Jerry’s pants were haunted. He was sure of it.

When he wore them, he often found himself walking in odd directions to places he hadn’t intended to go. 572 more words