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The Millennium Biltmore

Los Angeles, CA

Since its grand opening in 1923, the Millennium Biltmore hotel in downtown LA has accrued its fair share of ghosts. It’s notorious not only for being the site of a still-mysterious death of an America’s Got Talent contestant in 2010 or one of the last places the brutally murdered Black Dahlia was seen alive, but also for housing a menagerie of less high profile ghosts. 1,061 more words

Spooky Places

Good Night.

It was 3:36 a.m. when I checked my phone’s clock.

Something unusual woke me up in the middle of the night.

Unable to sleep again, I checked my WhatsApp messages, scrolled through my Facebook newsfeed, saw a couple of tweets. 605 more words


“The story of the apparition is very old, and its origin is now lost...“

[Upton Court currently functions as a day nursery]

Slough Library… 70 more words



Welcome to Spirits of the South-West, a blog dedicated entirely to Cornish paranormal activity.

Cornwall has always been shrouded in myths and legends, and often regarded as a little bit crazy compared to the rest of the United Kingdom. 403 more words

Bodmin Jail


The Country Tavern in Nashua, New Hampshire has been in operation since the 1980s. But its spirit has been alive since the 1700s. Originally, the building was the farmhouse of an English sea captain named Ford and his wife, Elizabeth; the home was constructed in 1741. 478 more words


Haunted Items – Can Objects Be Possessed?

When most of us think of hauntings, we think of cemeteries, houses or even people being haunted. But is there another realm of possession that some people are not aware of? 44 more words

198. Southfleet, NEAR GRAVESEND, KENT.

“…in 1874, the Bishop of Rochester – the Rev. P. L. Claughton – visited the rectory to exorcize the ghost...“

[The Rectory is now a  157 more words