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Album of the Day: Hauschka, “What If”

In the HBO series Westworld, one of the most intriguing characters wasn’t a human—or even an android for that matter. It was the player piano inside the saloon in the center of town, which plinked out old-timey renditions of modern faves by the likes of Radiohead, Beyonce, and Amy Winehouse, serving as the only link to the outside world for the guests of this strange resort. 171 more words

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Hauschka - "What If" Review

Prepared piano king Hauschka returns with a new album after re-releasing his debut last year in an extended double album format. For the uninitiated, Hauschka spends most of his time recreating what noises and sound a piano can make by tweaking its insides, adding bits onto it and then processing some additional electronica elements over the top. 559 more words


Look At This Picture Of Tom Cruise While Listening To Music -- See What Happens

Let’s play a game that involves this picture of Tom Cruise. A game that will prove music can change how you see his face.

You’ll notice Tom’s face is completely neutral. 194 more words


Hauschka ~ What If

There is a unattributed comment about the first Roxy Music album, saying that it contained about a dozen possible futures (it is usually credited to Eno, but I can’t find any evidence for its origins). 645 more words

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Chosen One: Hauschka

It’s always a wonderful and fun process to create new music where you actually find yourself unfolding something new and I think that for me is always inspiring and refreshing… 2,875 more words


Daily Dose: 'Constant Growth Fails' by Hauschka

Although the last piece I wrote about was enjoyable, this is really something special. It’s by respected German pianist Volker Bertelmann, aka Hauschka, who generally works in the medium of lyrical, avant-garde prepared piano but has expanded his instrument base for this album to include his current areas of interest, his fascination with, in his own words: ‘noise and electronic instruments’. 265 more words

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