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Food Franchise Origins - WIF Fast Food

Origins of Famous

Fast Food Franchises

From contributor ROBERT GRIMMINCK .

Besides baseball and apple pie, is there anything more American than fast food? It’s a staple of American culture that is both loved and hated all over the world. 3,140 more words


Foodie Alert - Ohio Burger King Introduces Hot Dogs

AKRON, OH – Good news, northern Ohio foodies, exotic food is trickling its way down from the real cloth linen dining tables of Cleveland. Hot dogs have arrived! 45 more words


God does not work at Burger King

As I was driving home from a revival service last night a thought crossed my mind. It was connected to this verse found in 1 Corinthians 10:13. 353 more words


McDonald's - Still Lovin' It

According to the New York Times, McDonald’s is struggling with how to turn around an ongoing slump. Apparently they’ve tried everything: getting healthier, more exotic, cheaper, more expensive, more customized, and nothing is working. 522 more words


Thinking of Burger King makes me gag

Just the mere thought of Burger King makes me sick. Everything on their menu sucks. Their food stinks. How is it in business? 498 more words

Things I Hate

Don't Waste the Nutella!

Have you ever heard of life hacks? They are simple things that you might never have considered that seek to make life easier. For example: 787 more words