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‘ Water For Elephants ‘ Film Elephant Suffered From Bullhook Prods and Electric Shocks : Hidden Training Video Released By Animal Defenders International Reveals Alleged Elephant Abuse

If you have ever seen the film Water For Elephants starring Robert Pattinson and Reese Witherspoon you may have been appalled by the story line of an elephant named Rosie (played by… 772 more words


Couple Rides Elephant At Wedding Despite Exotic-Animals Ban In Huntington Beach

HUNTINGTON BEACH (CBSLA.com) — Despite an exotic animals ban in Huntington Beach, a recent wedding ceremony featured an elephant, angering some animal-rights activists.

Photographs from the wedding showed the couple riding atop the elephant, a tradition at many Indian weddings. 334 more words


Nevada County Fair Elephant Rides Rile Animal-Rights Protesters

GRASS VALLEY (CBS13) — Elephant rides at the Nevada County Fair are attracting controversy and kids are caught in the middle.

Gary Johnson, the owner of Have Trunk Will Travel, says his animals are well cared for and their business is routinely inspected. 250 more words


Elephant Ride will continue as it has for years-Yay!!!

About time a fair takes a stand!!!


Nevada County Fair board refuses to cancel elephant rides

Nearly 40 people spoke at a hearing Thursday that stretched for almost two hours on whether the Nevada County Fair should allow elephant rides at the fairgrounds. 94 more words

Elephant rides will continue at the fair


Elephant rides to be held at fair in Del Mar again this year

Elephant rides – a tradition at the San Diego County Fair for nearly 30 years – will once again be offered at this year’s fair, in spite of a renewed effort by opponents of the rides to have them banned from the fairgrounds. 463 more words

Portland Zoo Breaks Ties with Abusive Traveling Circus

By Kirsten Massebeau

On February 7, 2013 the Portland Oregon Zoo announced that they had purchased Rose Tu’s new calve Lily and the father to Lily and Sumadra,  Tusko who has been on loan since 2005. 302 more words

#Oregon Zoo

Elephants Suffering A Big Price For Human Entertainment

Elephant activists are making more headway everyday as evidenced by L.A. County’s recent announcement that would ban elephants from performing in circuses (sources) For many years animal  advocates have opposed the use of elephants in entertainment and for display. 302 more words