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Have you ever.. #50

Read something and felt like it describes you?

Since the exams have finished, I’ve struggled to find things to keep me occupied. I feel restless as if I want to be doing something worthwhile rather than just boredom eating. 99 more words

Have You Ever?

"Have You Ever?" Houston Edition

Facebook (and Sean Pendergast) yesterday offered up a gem in the “apropos of nothing” department: a list of shenanigans and a corresponding point system, to see just how mischievous of lives we’ve led. 243 more words


Have you ever.. #48

Seen a child throwing a tantrum or crying and imagined your parents doing the exact same thing as children?

No? Well, I didn’t until today. The adults were discussing childhood memories etc and it just made me think.. 33 more words

Have You Ever?

Roses in vineyards

Have you ever… wondered why roses are or were grown in vineyards?

One often sees roses planted at the end of rows of vines in vineyards. 115 more words


Have You Ever?

Have you ever woke up one day and realized you don’t feel like going to work and messaged your supervisor to go on leave for no apparent reason? 114 more words

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Have you ever.. #47

Wanted to use the extra space they give you in exams to write a letter to the marker? Because I have

If I was to write a letter, it would probably read something like this.. 269 more words

Have You Ever?

Have you ever?

How you ever been sitting at home while someone is on the phone and they say something; you just think you shouldn’t be doing this because this person is starting to dislike them? 85 more words