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Have You Ever Wondered...

What have you always wondered about?

I wonder why people don’t appreciate more sunrises. We all try to take the perfect picture of the sun setting, because we are all awake at that time. 192 more words

Have you ever.. #60

Been so bored that you made a Lego house, person and a dog. (Ed Sheeran would be proud)

Okay, so the dog looks like a sheep but, still. 156 more words

Have You Ever?

WARNING! Are You Damaging Your Health?

Have you ever wondered what are the effects of inactivity on your body are?

You get a little too busy and you miss a workout here and there, then all of a sudden it’s been one month, then six months, then a year. 161 more words


Have you ever.. #59

Had to mentally prepare yourself to wake up the night before?

Every Sunday (and sometimes Thursday because I have to wake up ridiculously early on Friday), I have to mentally prepare myself for the struggle I’ll face in the morning. 58 more words

Have You Ever?

Have you ever

Have you ever felt love in your heart
so much love that it feels so real
you could almost touch it
and your heart threatens to burst open? 144 more words


Have you ever.. #58

Felt like you might have outgrown someone?

Not height wise -I think I stopped growing at age 9- but personality-wise. I don’t know if this will make a lot of sense but I’ll try to explain. 467 more words

Have You Ever?


Have you ever thought about the fact that the main focus for technology was to bring people closer together, but it’s the main reason why people of our generation have grown more apart? 611 more words

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