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Have you ever.. 54

Poured cold kettle water into your tea? (or pot noodles?)

So, it sounds stupid but I’ve already done this twice in the space of 2 weeks. 117 more words

Have You Ever?

What makes a good Writer?

I’ve been spending a lot of time considering the qualities behind a true writer. What exactly makes a writer an Author? Besides the fact that they’ve successfully published work in some shape or form. 1,430 more words


Author Jason Irby Continues to Move Forward in Completion of Projects for Conservation Reserve Plan

Jason Irby continues to move forward in completion of projects for the conservation reserve plan.  Irby stands near earth movers used to construct Water Control Structure.   331 more words

Love Within Life


Have you ever thought about the fact that the main focus for technology was to bring people closer together, but it’s the main reason why people of our generation have grown more apart? 611 more words

Deep Thinking

Have You Ever?

Have you ever….

  1. Had one of those days where you can’t stop smiling?
  2. Been so happy you find yourself hugging your knees to your chest, and thinking, now THIS….this is what life is all about?
  3. 165 more words

Have you ever.. #53

Accidentally fell asleep in the middle of the day?

Only to wake up a few hours later and realise that you’ve wasted most of the day -or possibly wasted a few years of your life because you’re not too sure how long you’ve actually been asleep for.

Have You Ever?

Have you ever just felt like you're in this dark place in your life

Have you ever just felt like you’re in this dark place in your life, and you don’t know how to find your way out?