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Have You Ever? (Scoobydooatl01)


scoobydooatl01 (7/18/2006 7:51:27 PM): so do u ever masturbate??
poisonivygirl92 (7/18/2006 7:51:57 PM): yea somtimes but not lots

Had Sex

Have you ever Farted?



sphinx_56_02 (12:32:06 AM): u ever fart before
sphinx_56_02 (12:32:07 AM): lol
diamondinthe.rough (12:33:18 AM): ya
diamondinthe.rough (12:33:22 AM): dont everyone
sphinx_56_02 (12:33:28 AM): yea… 327 more words

Had Sex

Have you ever.. #57

Taken your boredom to levels you didn’t even know existed?

I have -this happened.

(Excuse the poor camera quality)

I drew a jellyfish using nail polish. 25 more words

Have You Ever?

Have you ever.. 56

Done something that seemed so sudden and final?

Something that you’ve been putting off for ages? Convinced yourself that you’d wait until a certain time ‘just in case’? 50 more words

Have You Ever?

Have you ever...

have you ever wore a new pair of socks that were so new they were slippery and every time you stepped in your dress shoes, your feet slid forward about half a centimeter (for my American readers, think of this as about the width of a french fry… McDonalds…not Wendy’s) and made a squeaky vibrating noise that was so annoying you tied your shoes tighter but that cut off the blood circulation to your feet and then your feet fell asleep so you walked around lifting your sleeping feet up and down like you were a puppet on a string? 6 more words

Thoughts From The Handicap Stall

Have you ever.. #55

Realised that, technically speaking, words have no meaning.

Or, at least some words don’t. In order to define a word you have to use other words but doesn’t it get to a point where there’s no meaning in some of the words that we have. 172 more words

Have You Ever?

..how i wish you were here

sundays are for sleeping in on the comfy couch next to the big open window ..lovely gray days while it rains outside & the chill air makes you get all cozy under a blanket.. 9 more words