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Have you ever...?

Have you ever had a conversation with someone, about something that really spooks you? Then they try their best to reassure you, only somehow, they make it worse? 628 more words


Have you ever.. #52

Thought about how crazy it is that, while you’re sleeping, there are people on the other side of the world waking up, going to school, tripping over a curb etc etc? 165 more words

Have You Ever?


Hey, thanks to everyone that liked my latest post of Vanishing Girls, amazing book. ;)

I want to share something that has been happening to me this past days. 186 more words

Have you ever.. #51

Been trapped in your room because there’s a spider -a big one might I add- pretty much blocking your exit?

Because this has happened to me. 48 more words

Have You Ever?

There are no grand gestures, they are just being themselves and it dawns on you. I love you.


Have you ever...

Have you ever wrote yourself into a problem? Like you’ve created great dialogue, fantastic conflict, and you get to a point where you’re like “Okay, now what do I do?” 140 more words


Have you ever.. #50

Read something and felt like it describes you?

Since the exams have finished, I’ve struggled to find things to keep me occupied. I feel restless as if I want to be doing something worthwhile rather than just boredom eating. 99 more words

Have You Ever?