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Have you ever.. #43

Thought about how a musician takes a whole moment of their life and compresses it into 3 minutes within which we remember every single moment that relates to the words of their song? 95 more words


Have you ever.. #42

Put on your best shoes just to go to the shop?

Let me explain..

My friends bought me the nicest pair of shoes -you know those above ankle wedge type shoes?- for my birthday. 126 more words

Have You Ever?

Have you ever... Fun exercise

Hey guys,

Today I would like to post a quick exercise for you. This post is intended for pre intermediate speakers and higher levels.

It is very simple. 114 more words

General Post

Have you ever - lived your dream?

Wow! Where does the time go? So much for all my promises and intentions to post more regularly on this blog! But I have been putting the time to good use – I promise! 641 more words


Have you ever.. #40

Been shocked?

And I don’t mean “Oh my gosh, that dog is actually riding the scooter” shocked I mean “Wow, how could I not have realised this after 3 years..” kind of shocked. 31 more words

Have You Ever?

Have you ever.. #39

Referred to yourself in 3rd person?

Because I’ve started to do that a lot lately and I’m not quite sure why..

Have You Ever?

What Else?

If you have everything you could ever want what more could you ask for?

Have you ever felt that way?

Well, I haven’t. Currently, I do feel that way but I don’t entirely want to say that because I haven’t lived my whole life yet. 398 more words