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Mom's night out, beer me a stout...

Have you ever offered to watch all the kids with your buddy so your wives could have a “mom’s night out”, only to realize after doing a quick headcount of the children that the number was somehow 9?  547 more words

Have You Ever...

30 Day Music Challenge: Days 23-26

As you can see by the title, I’m a bit behind on my posts! I’m working on a time consuming but fun grad school application on top of keeping on writing for MFST. 169 more words


426 Have You Ever. . . [30 September 2001]

have you ever wanted
something so much
that your heart aches
because what you want
is not there?
because what you want
is what you need… 200 more words


A Dark Day

Have you ever drank molasses straight out of the bottle?  I have, and here’s the story about it…


OK…you got me.  It wasn’t straight molasses.  494 more words

Have You Ever...

353 Have You Ever. . . [14 November 2000]

Have you ever looked at someone,
wondering if that person you see
is someone you could love?
at their soul. . .
their past. . 100 more words


March Madness

Have you ever taken the day off of work simply to drink green beer, visit as many dive bars as you can in your town in one day, and watch the March Madness basketball tournament? 486 more words

Have You Ever...

Have You Ever…

…danced in the rain? Such a fantastic and freeing moment to just spin around in the pouring rain, feeling so alive!

….played hide-and-seek as a kid then re-experienced the same game as an adult? 301 more words