Poles In USA

There’s a world of difference
between hand-outs and hand-up.
We owe it to our siblings
to allow them to grow up.
To castigate and browbeat… 331 more words


'By Invitation Only' Reminds Us of the Importance of Family [REVIEW]

When a young couple falls in love and announces their engagement, it sends their families reeling. After all, the bride is a well-to-do Chicago socialite while the groom comes a peach farm in the South Carolina Lowcountry. 760 more words


5 Reasons Why Stoicism Is Better Than Communism

  1. When Communism has been tried, it’s killed between 85 to 100 million people.  When Stoicism has been tried, it’s killed less than 85 million people.
  2. 222 more words

Wednesday 10th January, 2018

I don’t like the idea of giving too many clues to my identity here, but a hint of sorts is necessary for today’s entry. I work supporting refugees, asylum seekers, and other migrants integrating and surviving in my country. 311 more words


The Ornaments in Back

This year I decorated the tree myself. My husband was traveling and I wanted to get it done and put all the boxes away in time for his return, in lieu of dragging it over several days, which usually happens. 1,307 more words

What the have-not’s have

My people are currently have-not’s – and willfully so – of something our neighbouring have’s on both sides of our land seem all too eager to flaunt. 487 more words


Do As I Say

All’s been ordained by Good Lord above,
my vast luxuries gift from seraphs.
Don’t come around here with hat in hand
winners and losers, parts of His plan. 302 more words