Where Does This Lead?

Good afternoon from Westminster, MD!

Last time we ended with the question, “Where does this lead?” Where do the realities created by extreme poverty and the insecurity of basic resources lead for people like Gladys in places like Nicaragua? 368 more words

Saul Alinsky 1946, 1971

Saul Alinsky was bom in Chicago in 1909, and educated first in the streets of that city and then in its university. Graduate work at the University of Chicago in criminology introduced him to the Capone gang, and later to Joliet State Prison, where he studied prison life. 7,923 more words

Modern Society

Heavy lifting ....

A new Oxfam report finds a record increase in the number of Australia’s billionaires –  from 33 to 43 in 2018.  ‘Australia is among the wealthiest nations in the world, yet the pervasive gap between the haves and the have-nots persists’ says Oxfam Australia’s chief executive Helen Szoke. 11 more words


Thirsty Thursday King

So this month I decided to start a new post thread called “Thirsty Thursday King” which will display handsome king’s for our queen and/or king eyes. 563 more words

On the alleged death of homo economicus

If I am to take Nick Hanauer’s[1] advice and kill off homo economicus then what I fear I’ll be left with is – all that someone of a liberal-humanist bent can ask, I suppose – … 430 more words

Home, Home on the Exchange

As we slouch into the economic morass (slide into the economic abyss) we have created and cultivated, is there no room or small space for empathy and compassion? 652 more words

Poles In USA

There’s a world of difference
between hand-outs and hand-up.
We owe it to our siblings
to allow them to grow up.
To castigate and browbeat… 339 more words