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Trump Republicans believe colleges and universities have a negative effect on our country

Besides giving more of your money to the rich the Trumpanistas don’t want your kids educated either

More than ever, higher education has become critical to snagging a stable job, moving up the income ladder and succeeding in the global economy. 800 more words

Traitor Trump

more of Eureka's war on the poor

While we are not fans of panhandling at all, we recognize the civil right of people to do it.

With Violent Crime up in Humboldt County over 25%.  661 more words

City Of Eureka

While we were fixated on the Senate Russian-Trump hearing the House was gutting Dodd-Frank

WASHINGTON — The House approved legislation on Thursday to erase a number of core financial regulations put in place by the 2010 Dodd-Frank Act, as Republicans moved a step closer to delivering on their promises to eliminate rules that they claim have strangled small businesses and stagnated the economy. 1,226 more words


Pope Francis skoolz "Donny two scoops" on economics, climate change, and nonviolence

The Examiner would like to note that despite the Pope’s good intentions, giving Trump books to read is the equivalent of leaving them in the orangutans pen at the zoo. 711 more words

Traitor Trump

Homeless numbers down 43% (wtf?) and more locally spun "alternative facts"

In 2015 we posted a number of stories about the attempts to down play the seriousness of the homeless crisis in Eureka. Particularly, we tried to emphasize “who benefits from the systematic under count of homeless/houseless”. 1,309 more words


with all eyes on Trump's Russian corruption you might have missed this other corruption

It’s been previously reported that HHS Secretary Tom Price has made some questionable stock trades that appear to be based on inside information he had as a congressman. 321 more words