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I’ve deemed ultrasound and blood work days: “UltraBlood” days. You’ve heard it here first.

Again, I can’t praise my doctor and her entire office staff enough. 306 more words


Cinco ✔️

20 minutes ago was my fifth injection of Gonal F at the dosage of 112.5.

Tomorrow morning, I get probed and punctured. I’m officially undecided if I’m sarcastic because it’s funny, or sarcastic with this topic specifically because it’s a level of self protection. 91 more words



It’s been a long day. So for that reason, and that reason alone here’s the rundown.

That is my injection ready to go and all packed up for a road trip to Plymouth for a friends wedding. 338 more words


A Letter To Me Before I was Mom

Hi there, I see your excitement as you find out you are pregnant. I see it progress as you register for baby items, as you sew clothes and bedding, as you go to baby showers, as you feel the first kicks. 721 more words


Gonal F Aggravation

I am superwoman. I have no problem stabbing myself with a needle and injecting things into my abdomen. Obviously, this must mean there is something incredibly wrong with me. 279 more words


Tomorrow, we INJECT!!

Haven’t blogged in a few days, but that is because there wasn’t much to say. Well, that’s not entirely the truth, so let’s get you all caught up! 412 more words


Time's a Ticking

Since our first appointment last Monday, I’ve felt nothing but levelheaded. If you’ve followed this blog from the beginning, you know I’ve always firmly planted myself in the swamps of pessimism because it’s easier to fall from there than the clouds of optimism. 444 more words