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Mother's Day Angst!

It might come as a surprise but I am not really a fan of Mother’s Day.  I know this is probably a terrible thing to say and most people will not understand how anyone could possibly feel this way but for me there is a certain untruthfulness to celebrating this day. 483 more words

Getting Pregnant Naturally

So you had a baby and your dog disowned you... the story of transitioning our dog to life with a baby, and some advice to help you!

Being a pet lover, I think it is part of the normal flow of life to have a “fur baby” for years before transition to the real, human kind of baby. 1,356 more words



My last birth involved a placental abruption and an emergency C-section, and this is one of the reasons we opted to not have another child.  The other reason came about because when my middle child had just turned 2 years of age he had an allergic reaction to Augmentin, well this is what the doctors concluded following his illness. 2,699 more words

Getting Pregnant Naturally

Pregnancy Yoga & Pilates

I am so pleased to be in my second trimester because this means I can now safely complete pregnancy Yoga and Pilates routines.

I really do recommend Yoga and Pilates, not just for the physical benefits but also for mental well-being.  315 more words

Getting Pregnant Naturally

Telling my parents, religion & India

Telling my parents I am pregnant is kind of a big deal.  They are church going Catholic’s and my worry is that if for any reason the doctors told me not to proceed with the pregnancy I am not sure how they would feel about this. 1,072 more words

Getting Pregnant Naturally

High Risk Specialist

The high risk specialist appointment came with another ultrasound to check exactly where the placenta was sitting; anterior or posterior, and also to check my cervix length and the condition of my previous C-section scar. 509 more words

Getting Pregnant Naturally

One little accident...

After a little research on the web I read over and over again that there should be less than a 5% chance of getting pregnant naturally at 47.  2,893 more words

Getting Pregnant Naturally