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Shots, shots, shots. 

Not exactly the type of shots I was thinking of, but how the times have changed. Above is the listing of what I’ve been doing since 10/13. 560 more words

Fertility Treatments

The Progression of Eugenics

Designer Babies – ” A baby whose genetic make-up has been selected in order to eradicate a particular defect, or to ensure that a particular gene is present.” 1,026 more words

So You Had a Preemie (Chapter 1)

Sometimes we know in advance that a baby will show up early. Sometimes they surprise us all and decide to bust into the world without notice way before we planned on saying ‘Hi’. 1,169 more words


The Birth of Finn

A little backstory: I had been having intense braxton hicks for several weeks before I went into labor. My midwife checked me over and stated that they must be normal for my body even though I was having up to 8 an hour lasting up to 2.5 minuets each. 1,835 more words

Having A Baby

With two little lines, our lives changed!

It’s crazy to think that two little lines can change your life so much in such a short period of time but they did!

I am the worst about remembering when things occurred, which will end up biting me in the butt. 851 more words


It's My Turn At Bat!

Anyone who has known me for a substantial period of time knows that I grew up never wanting to have kids of my own. Just didn’t have any desire whatsoever to raise children. 609 more words

Fhg Studios

The most beautiful autumn in my life.

I am a mother now.

The first few weeks were horrible. Proper Guantanamo. I was subject to sleep deprivation, high frequencies noise, got open wounds in my private places, sore and bleeding nipples, hemorrhoids that felt like my entire guts were out and my lower back muscles completely gone after pushing for hours! 282 more words