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Am I Really Done With Children?

Being new to the forties club, I’m still unsure about what is supposed to happen at this age.  I thought it might have something to do with boldly owning everything about yourself in an “I-am-woman-hear-me-roar” sort of way. 777 more words

The Inner Workings Of My Mind

The longest week of my life..

I had told my parents that we would come right there after our appointment to show them the sonogram. Great. I text my dad to let him know we are on the way.. 448 more words


Not just a cat mum.

Not so long ago the idea of having my own children started to come onto my radar.

So we got a cat. A beautiful black cat from Battersea that we called Luna. 292 more words


Returning to work after my last baby...

I hesitated over this post for a while; it’s a difficult subject to talk about right now (it’s all a bit raw and emotional) but also it’s such a different experience for everyone who does it, so it’s not a topic that can be generalised. 1,665 more words


5 Things You DON'T Need on Your Baby Registry

The industry devoted to “baby stuff” is making a killing off of new parents who don’t know what they will and won’t use when they have a baby. 392 more words


Day(s) before baby

We knew L’s arrival was coming soon so we tried to do as much as possible together and with friends in the weeks leading up to it. 406 more words


Tinggal di Tempat dengan Budaya Cepat Menikah dan Punya Anak

Jadi anak perempuan lahir di Indonesia itu kalau buat gue pribadi gak enak. Karena dari remaja sudah dididik supaya harus cepet-cepet nikah dan punya anak. Seolah-olah tujuan hidup perempuan di sini itu cuma nikah dan punya anak. 837 more words

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