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Baby Daze & Life Lately

It was hard to come up with a suitable title for this post, so ‘Baby Daze’ will have to suffice as it kind of summarizes what I am feeling these days. 736 more words


Ode to Morning Sickness

Perhaps an alien with strange taste buds
is growing in my tummy.
Explains why I now puke on sight
of foods that once were yummy. 78 more words


Birthing Class - From a Guy's Perspective

Tonight we took our last birthing class – number 3 of 3… And here are my thoughts.

I’ll be honest, when Heather first started talking about taking these classes I thought she had lost it. 614 more words

Having A Baby

Having It All Kinda Sucks

Okay first, allow me to check my privilege so you don’t have to: I am a white woman with a college education. I am married. I live in a beautiful little town in the mountains. 2,121 more words

Parents and Their Children

There are so many people that want to be a good parent, and unfortunately, there are some people that don’t care. Lots of people have “accident” babies, and they have to deal with their situation whether it’s what they wanted or not. 1,076 more words


Dear Ovaries: Thanks, But Your Work Here Is Done

Dear Ovaries,

Brain here, with an important message I’d like to share with you on behalf of the rest of the body.

First, let me say thanks. 736 more words

Round Two

Hey Guys,

So I’m laying in bed one morning last week, contemplating whether or not to hit snooze one more time, when my wife comes in and lays down next to me. 358 more words