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The Baby Cometh

Since I call my daughter’s 9-year old The Kid I guess I’ll call the new one, The Baby.

The Baby arrived two weeks ago yesterday. They woke me up around 5am saying, “It’s time.” I was in charge of The Kid and we took our time getting up, eating and packing snacks before heading to the hospital. 526 more words


Never wanted to be a mom and got pregnant

Seeing two stripes on a test might be tough, especially if you didn’t plan that pregnancy. Shall I keep the baby or not? What’s my life going to be like after? 566 more words

Mom's Life

Abandoned Pregnant By A Bad Guy

It was fun, everything was carefree until you fell pregnant and he vanished so quickly you’re left questioning if he actually even existed or if he was just a figment of your imagination. 592 more words


10 Considerations for Him & Her: Adjusting From Playboy to Papa

Whether expected or unexpected, adding a little one to the dynamic of a couple does call for some major adjustments in exchange for what can be major rewards. 1,330 more words

New Baby Nostalgia 

So a friend of ours just had their first baby. Like I just sent a congratulatory text, and started blogging kind of “just”. Knowing that they have begun to enjoy those first few moments with their beautiful little bundle just sent me back to those first moments and how special they were. 170 more words

Feeling that first baby kick...

With your first baby you think that every little twinge or gurgle of gas could be a baby movement that you are feeling, but with subsequent pregnancies you know exactly when you feel that very first kick. 267 more words

Having A Baby

Mother's Day Angst!

It might come as a surprise but I am not really a fan of Mother’s Day.  I know this is probably a terrible thing to say and most people will not understand how anyone could possibly feel this way but for me there is a certain untruthfulness to celebrating this day. 483 more words

Having A Baby