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The Moment I Met You

The moment I met you, I forgot about everything else.

As I walked in the room my eyes went straight to you in the arms of your birth mother. 134 more words


The Big Reveal – It's Going to be a Lunar New Year's Eve Like No Other

Thanks for Your Patience

First off, thanks to all those who left comments on my previous post 2016 & Life’s New Direction. I really appreciate you all taking the time to comment and let me know your guesses. 553 more words


Emergency C-Section 

So..I am all alone lying in the recovery area of my local hospital, shaking from the hormones and leftover anesthesia and probably from the pure shock of it all. 503 more words

The right time to have a baby - one persons right is another persons wrong

My husband and I always wanted to have a good few years enjoying married life before starting a family, making sure we were able to concentrate on our careers and to give us plenty of time to have fun, spend time with friends and go on lots of child-unfriendly holidays. 751 more words

Having A Baby

Why I Chose Home Birth

When I first became pregnant, I didn’t really think of how I would deliver. It was already ingrained in my brain that I would be in a hospital, flat on my back, subject to whatever the doctor said. 1,098 more words

Guest Feature: So You're "Trying To Have A Baby"

Words by Guest Contributor: Xavier Toby

Last week I caught up with two old high school friends, and their wives.

They’re in their mid-thirties, same as me, but unlike me have houses, furniture that’s not made from milk crates, and adequately paying jobs. 545 more words


10 Similarities Between Finishing First Draft of Novel & Having a Baby #writers #writerslife

  1. You are giving birth to something wonderful on both counts.
  2. Giving birth involves some strained facial expressions and a lot of yelling. Getting to the final stages of writing a book involves some strained facial expressions and a lot of yelling too.
  3. 401 more words