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Leaving the Hospital after birth

o months


I just had my baby!

New Mom, 2nd time, third or so forth.The feeling is irreplaceable. Such a gifted moment!

As I woke up in complete shock, yet humbled  with gratitude, OMG  I’m a Mother again. 382 more words


Now you are half a year old.

Today Willa reached her six moth milestone, and it feels truly incredible that in the past year, I’ve grown a baby, given birth and now fully recovered from that birth and lost my baby weight (thanks to Slimming World) , it’s as if pregnancy were all a distant dream. 226 more words

Baby Number Three

I'm worried having a baby will make climate change worse

Part of my motivation for becoming a climate scientist was my grave worries for our future and my desire to make a positive contribution. In today’s world, this isn’t straightforward. 822 more words


One of life's greatest moments ...

One of my best friends became a grandmother today. Her daughter and son-in-law had their first baby. They had a little girl and she is absolutely perfect! 76 more words


It's Been a While

About 3.5 months to be exact.

Here’s what’s happened…

  • IVF cycle 1 BOMBED 💣
  • My grandmother passed away 1.5 weeks after we got the above results.
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Fertility Treatments

Why is the first thing women tell newly expectant mums a birth 'horror story'?

Right, I saw something on Facebook the other day that annoyed me. There was an innocent enough post about what would you advise someone put in their hospital bag when going in to have a wee one. 571 more words

Am I Really Done With Children?

Being new to the forties club, I’m still unsure about what is supposed to happen at this age.  I thought it might have something to do with boldly owning everything about yourself in an “I-am-woman-hear-me-roar” sort of way. 944 more words

The Inner Workings Of My Mind