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How to avoid loneliness at Christmas

 This post was first published in 2012 so a slight update.


I think that loneliness has almost become a ‘social stigma’ something best not discussed, it implies that one doesn’t have the capacity to make friends. 631 more words


Wind and rain and our changes of mood


Oh the contrasts in the weather, how tiny we are in the face of nature!

I was a teacher for a few years  and we were always aware that a windy day might, if we were not careful, lead to unruly behaviour often from the least likely students. 138 more words

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Taking one day at a time!


That’s what the birds do, thinking of following their example! There is something called Maslow’s hierarchy needs, with food and shelter at the top and that’s what birds seek and usually get. 179 more words

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The flying trampoline

It must have looked a bit like a spaceship when it was in full flight. I wouldn’t wish such a thing on anyone but I was almost sorry that there were no little green men to chat to next day.  106 more words

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'Shooting the messenger' and deleting emails.

I come from the generation of letter writing and not just thank you notes
to aunties who gave one a whole sixpence when one visited, or years later slipped a book token into a birthday card. 556 more words

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Clutterbugs - rhyme but no reason.


After a week at Arvon I should be capable of writing a sonnet to clutter, or at least a few lines of pared down poetry, but the muse deserted me to dance in the garden.  203 more words


Hose pipe bans, granny tax so best 'Give them bread and circuses'?

‘Give them bread and circuses’ is a quote from Roman times, My mother loved using that expression, especially when she thought the ‘powers that be’ had their heads in the clouds, although as puppeteers we were often called upon to put on one of the circuses! 457 more words

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