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Getting to Know Your Planets

Astrology will always begin … and end …. with the planets.  They are the entitities that create forces in our lives and ultimately help to make things happen.  513 more words

Having Fun With The Planets

Having Fun With Some "Datastrology"

I love looking at certain types of data and one of my favorite programs for doing so is Excel.  I’m sure that most of us use it for work purposes but I’m sure a good amount of us also use it to keep track of our finances and personal budgets.  406 more words


Beautify NOW or Later? Venus' Movement Back Could Have an Effect on Your New Do!

Thinking about a new do … well the planets may have a say in how things turn out with that.  Venus, the planet of beauty, is about to start moving backward or go retrograde.  124 more words


The Skinny on The Sneaky-Freaky-Ureaneky - Otherwise Known As Uranus

I’m not sure where in the heck the planet Uranus got his name from.  It really doesn’t fit him in the least bit and it’s not fair that it sounds pretty much like someone’s rear-end.  718 more words


Show Me The Love And I'll Show You The Planets!

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and what better way to celebrate than with a little give-away – planetary style of course!

In order to do this – however – I need my fans to show me a little bit of love – … 147 more words

Having Fun With The Planets

Neptune's Coming Home!

Neptune,who is the planet that can make us fall helplessly head over heals for someone as well as put us under a laxidasical spell, is about to come home into the sign of Pisces. 152 more words


Guess Who's On My New Year's Eve Party Guest List?

Time to Bring in the New Year – Planetary Style!

Each of us has gone through times of challenge and opportunity throughout the course of this year.  1,402 more words

Planet Talk