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Annabel – Having It All

From the off this is exactly the kind of record I love. It’s emo with one of those singers that can sing, but chooses not to at the heavy bits. 236 more words


Cynicism, Negativity, and Self-Destructing Your Own Youth

Something I’ve learned as I’ve gotten older is that I have less and less patience for cynicism.  5-10 years ago, when things weren’t going as well as I’d like them to, when I was out of shape, more insecure, and frustrated with my own life, it was easy to fall into the trap of negativity and cattiness.  812 more words

Maybe Older Women Are the Ones Who Can "Have it All"

If you’ve ever read or discussed the idea of women “having it all”, then you’re probably also familiar with the notion espoused by some women that “you… 560 more words

Working Women

Diary of a Risk-taker (Part 2)

Continuing reflection on the learning and growing to be had from taking risks, which I highly recommend….

Work does not equal life. If you have a spouse and kids, hopefully you know this. 429 more words

No Regrets?

My body ached, I missed them so much. After giving birth to my twin boys about four and a half years ago, I have never been away from them, not even for a single night. 937 more words


Having it all...but not all at once

I am starting this blog in honor and memory of my paternal grandmother, Nonnie.

For me, Nonnie was the ultimate role model of a woman who succeeded in having it all.   268 more words

Balancing Children And Career

Diary of a Risk-taker (Part 1)

Our wellness depends upon a balance of all that feeds us, career being just one of those things but an important one. After twenty years of leading nonprofit organizations through major challenges, I was feeling empty and disconnected. 480 more words