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Leaning In...But in a Different Direction

The night that I received the news that my Dad was diagnosed with Cardiomyopathy was equal to having the floor pulled out from under my feet. 1,224 more words

Success is Better When Shared

This morning I woke up to find that my best friend’s article had been shared nationally on Her Campus’s social media. I was beyond giddy. I quickly sat up in bed, read the article, tweeted about it and of course texted my friends the fabulous news. 494 more words

The Reality of Balance

I have long struggled to find balance in my life and the struggle is real, folks! According to my calculations, I need a minimum of thirty-six hours a day and approximately nine point seven days in a week to accomplish everything necessary for optimal equilibrium. 989 more words


Dual-body career planning

The ‘dual-body problem’ gets a bad rap in academia. It’s seen as a major difficulty even though virtually all couples with at least one career in academia, and many other fields, have the same basic issue to deal with. 752 more words


Don't Be so Hard on Yourself!

For some reason, a commercial I remembered from my childhood started floating through my brain sometime during the night. I do know the reason why, but I want this to be a happy post! 614 more words

Our Christian Walk

In My Absence

It’s been weeks since I’ve been here… and three weeks have passed since I’ve been back at work.

It’s been months since I’ve been at work… and it’s taken 3 weeks to get back to some kind of normal. 260 more words