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How to Have it All

Ugh. Was there ever a more insidious phrase than, ‘Having it All’?


a) intend to entrap/beguile; and

b) stealthily treacherous or deceitful”

I mean really.

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Kindness Looks Different Every Day

I just finished writing my post about being kind to yourself when I completely flipped out on the family of disgusting pigs I live with. I have a fairly long fuse when it comes to clutter and everyday filth. 556 more words

A day in the life of a Mother-of-a-5-month-old/Scientist in biotech

Oh my goodness it’s so hard to be a working mom!  I always respected working moms but it is so much harder than everyone else makes it look!  651 more words

Female Scientist

The Baby Inside My Baby

We athletchics believe we can have it all: family, career, exercise, and possibly travel the globe. But what happens when we get the big news? Hear those seven words that change our lives? 923 more words

Stepping Down

Having it all: A good job that is fulfilling and decent paying, a happy family, and just being satisfied with life in general. Ever since my daughter was born 10 years ago, I can honestly say that even though we have had our troubles, our family life has been a good one. 476 more words

Word Therapy

This woman business

So I have been busy. And quiet. And not really the best mommy to this blog. Yes, there have been stray book reviews and reblogs and some guest posts, but you know what I mean. 665 more words


Is it all worth it?

Every woman and their mother these days in this blessed era of post feminism is speaking and writing about “having it all” and “why women still can’t have it all” and “leaning in” and “why you shouldn’t lean in too far”. 1,021 more words

Anthropological Musings