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Attending a conference with a toddler

I just got back from my favorite conference. It’s always a great mixture of science, inspiration and networking. Oh and great food, the food is awesome. 520 more words

Female Scientist

A Woman’s Journey to 'Having It All' (Guest Post)

Today’s guest post comes from Brittany at The Moving Mrs. Her blog has taught me a thing or two (or three) about moving, as well as offering organizational tips and style ideas for home. 1,019 more words


Having it all..

This is probably going to be a recurring theme for me.

The last few weeks I’ve been a bit blue about work-life balance. Somehow in my friend circle, there’s basically no mom I know who (i) has a solid career (ii) has a kid(s) (iii) is not crazy stressed all the time. 459 more words


What’s actually wrong?

So I’m pretty low at the moment, I’m depressed most of the time and finding it difficult to cope.

My life must suck, yes?

No. I’m where I always wanted to be. 158 more words

Mental Health

Worth the 32 Year Wait

Everyone has always said to me, “When you meet the right person, you’ll know.”
I held on to this advice, and in the past I tried to convince myself that other people were the right ones. 318 more words

Am I a #girlboss...

I have been BINGING the Girlboss podcast recently and it has given me so much strength and made me feel powerful AF.

I actually came across Girlboss after watching Nasty Gal on Netflix when it came out. 651 more words


It started with a divorce...

It took the breakdown of my marriage to open my eyes to a what I believe is a growing problem for marriage and society: the curse of the breadwinner wife. 120 more words