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Is it all worth it?

Every woman and their mother these days in this blessed era of post feminism is speaking and writing about “having it all” and “why women still can’t have it all” and “leaning in” and “why you shouldn’t lean in too far”. 1,021 more words

Anthropological Musings

On Having It All

I consider myself part of the first generation of women encouraged expected to work outside of the home, to balance a career and family, to wallow in the joy of having-it-all. 500 more words

Seeking Loveliness

Having it all...

Having it all

Too many times in life we sit on our hands and just wish.

We wish we had, could or would someplace, some time or something. 119 more words


It...Tiny Word for Big Things

Wouldn’t all of us like to say we have it all together? What does that even mean? Is it referring to our career lives? We have the job we can endure, or the career that we love? 700 more words

Our Christian Walk

Cheating with Christ

Today Will Be Different By Maria Semple

The midlife crisis, isn’t wonderful fodder for screenwriters and novelists? Treatment can be hilarious or serious, or, as in Maria Semple’s new outing, a blending of both. 326 more words


Balancing Act

Sari was a good, if dizzy, mother. Distracted by another brief swell of disorientation, she realigned her position on the rattan love seat. The breeze that swept through the screened porch lifted her hair from her forehead and neck as she eyed the length of emerald yard. 4,125 more words

A female Stanford labor economist urges graduates to avoid the trap of "trying to have it all"

Graduation speeches are usually brimming with optimism and idealism. Be your best self. Lean in. Make your dream work.

Myra Stober, a labor economist and professor emerita of education at Stanford University, … 506 more words