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No man is an island (but all women kind of are)

In a lot of ways, I’ve always existed just slightly on the fringe of what I’d call the rest of the world.

That’s not to say I’m a loner; I’ve had friends, sure, but I’m often the person who’s more of the friend you bump into, not the friend you call to deliberately meet up with. 749 more words


Jane's noble path to marriage.

Seriouslypleasedropit comments on Most men are not afraid of commitment:

Bob and Jane have some sort of prelude romance and move in together. Either because Bob is just that cool, Jane that desperate, or whatever, Bob hasn’t actually had to put forth that much effort into the relationship.

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Mom Myths

It is both amazingly awesome and amazingly hard to be a mom.

It’s almost a badge of honor to be the most exhausted and the most stressed of all your mom friends- there’s a whole internet full of memes about life in yoga pants with messy hair, a coffee IV, and bedraggled moms. 583 more words


Having it all

	As women the catch phrase "having it all" is subliminally programmed into our brains at an early age 
and often the topic of sensitive debates. Can women really have it all and if so, what would it realistically look like? 1,236 more words
Having It All

Is It Just My Imagination Running Away with Me?

I’ve often read worry is a misuse of the imaginative power.  And I wonder why it is so easy for me to use my imagination in this way and so challenging to use it constructively.   372 more words


We Want Relationships To Work But We Forget Loving Ourselves Is More Important

We want relationships. We want “that special someone” to sleep on our pillows, share with us food, sex, love, caresses. Kiss us every morning, hug us every night. 407 more words