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You can have it all ladies....

I am happy with my lot. I know in my life I can have it all; motherhood, success, a happy marriage (27 years and counting), exotic holidays, a wonderful home, time with great friends, fabulous car, a wardrobe full of clothes I love, immaculate house hair and nails….. 567 more words


Dream Big and Make it Happen!

It’s the last day of January so you are well into 2016 and you’ve made the decision that this will be your year. You’ve got goals a-plenty lined up – eat better, take more time for yourself, change your career, read a book a week, buy a house, attend four gym classes a week, book all the holidays you’d promised yourself, find the love of your life, become a yoga goddess – but, gosh, there really are a lot and where do you even start? 565 more words

New Years Resolution Club

20 Things You'll Only Understand If You're A 20-Year-Old Professional

1. Business Causal has become your wardrobe, but you still prefer sweats and a shirt every once in a while.

You’re sporting a blazer and heels to your Monday 8:45 while everyone else rolls out of bed still in their weekend hangover-PJ’s because you have a jam packed schedule and no time to change before your meeting at 3. 873 more words

In The Cracks

Well, I’ve skipped tabs enough times that I know I’m purposefully avoiding a good subject.

It’s hard to start talking about because it’s a subject that I haven’t fully accepted yet, and I’m working some stuff out, so know that I’m embarking on this conversation with mild trepidation. 908 more words

We are Renaissance People

This is always f*ing hard. There is not one day that goes by that is not; there are only different balances.

There are nearly always bright spots: That moment when you have norovirus and a migraine at the same time, 50 essays waiting to be graded, and a toddler standing next to you as you vomit into an unscrubbed toilet– and then she begins to silently rub your back. 226 more words


My Style: $4 Pink Fuzzy Sweater

Hey Thriftanistas!

I felt pretty comfortable wearing this $4 thrifted Target sweater I picked up from Goodwill a few weeks ago.   It was so cozy I decided to film my… 163 more words

Thrifting Huntsville

Required: Good Organizational Skills

Marta Espinoza is the type of woman that people both love and secretly resent.  Good natured plus professionally and personally successful, Marta has it all and it drives her loved ones and casual acquaintances crazy. 479 more words