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On Finding A Balance And Having It All

A great deal of my writing is pure catharsis and indispensable, and by not practicing it more often, I’m losing one of the things I truly love. 2,411 more words


"Wanting to be loved makes me feel anxious."

I wasn’t too interested in love and relationships as a teenager. All I cared about was intellectual and academic performance. The rest was accessory to my life. 529 more words


Some Changes at "Real Life Wellness"

Exciting things are happening!

My training with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) continues and I’m now at the point to begin seeing clients as a Health Coach and Advocate!  298 more words

First interview for San Jose

I recently interviewed for an academic position in San Jose. I have a good feeling about this position but then you never know, right? The beauty of life is in the way it throws you unexpected moments…those moments are what make life so wondrous. 203 more words

Having It All

Having It All, But At What Cost

When I was a child, I was not born into privilege. We had it rough growing up, but we made do and had a fun childhood filled with memories. 1,357 more words


Fear !!!

This blog is about the real-life things that keep us from being our best, most well, selves and for me lately, the obstacle has been fear. 344 more words

Reflections on Life, Work, & the Idea of Having it All

As I sit here in the Frankfurt airport, belly full of ramen and waiting to go to Italy for work, I’m reflecting on what it means to travel, work, and live. 841 more words