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Love versus Sex - in life and in writing

Morning, all.

I’m currently writing a “taboo” story, which is the first book I’ve written where my characters fall in love before they have their “first time” together. 832 more words

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10 Simple, Sexy Tricks To Increase Libido

You’re a little tired from work. The kids have homework that demands your attention. Somebody has to make dinner. Your hungover. Fido spread trash across the living room. 1,090 more words

6 Guys Reveal Exactly What They've Said To Get A Girl In Bed


“I told her that she had nice pants and I started asking her about clothes. We finished a pitcher of beer together and then we kept ordering shots.

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MUST SEE:presumptuous couple filmed having sex pressed up against hotel window opposite packed London office

A naughty couple has been caught on camera having sex up opposite a busy London office in broad daylight.

The pair were filmed going at it for 20 minutes while pressed up against a window in the city’s Motel One. 150 more words


7 People Share How Sex Broke Up Their Relationship


“Well, it was his first time and he kept trying to put his penis in the wrong place. We had been dating for about 6 months, but ‘it’ was so small and he was so weird about it, we just agreed we weren’t compatible like that.”

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14 Men Explain Exactly Why They’d Rather Have Sex With Their Girlfriend Instead Of A Random

1. “It’s simple, because I love her.” – Jake, 23

2. “Because with her I’m comfortable, I don’t have to worry about anything. It’s just easy.” … 524 more words