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Ladies, we need your help!

I was reading my second most popular post What is wrong with marriage these days? and I came across a quote that I got from another website “Studies show that a woman needs about 20 minutes of foreplay to relax her enough to enjoy it”.    89 more words


Why Is There a Wave of People All over the World Randomly Having Sex in Broad Daylight?


Renegade Editor’s Note: Perhaps people get some crazy ideas in their heads after watching lots of porn, or maybe it has something to do with “Sex in Public” being a TV show on The… 534 more words

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The Ugly Truth:  Part 2

I am also starting to wonder if there are other factors in this need to cause pain either to others or to myself.  Like in the movie “Secretary” I reviewed a few days back, maybe it is because I am suppressing too much emotional pain that I have to let it out physically some how.   341 more words


18 People On The Sex-Ed Lesson That Would've Made Their Sex Life SO Much Better

Originally from R/AskReddit

1. Vagina sounds

That in doggystyle, your vagina is gonna be filled with air and then you’ll queef like there’s no tomorrow.

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Why Losing Your Virginity Isn't Nearly As Interesting As Everyone Pretends It Is

Virginity is a topic of sexuality that’s always eluded my discussions with friends because, well, I can’t quite remember when I was one – Wait. 677 more words

4 Differences Between “Making Love” And “Just Having $3x”

There is a wonderful word used often by the couple who are in a serious relationship and have a bonding physically which is termed “Making Love”. 33 more words

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