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Clumsy person

It was almost after five years that I was having sex with this beautiful and sexy woman. I kissed her the second day we met which is unusual to me. 415 more words

Why You Should Embrace Your Sexuality

I spent the majority of my adolescence in Hagerman, Idaho, a small religious community of less than a thousand people who seemed locked in the year of 1950. 1,253 more words

Honestly, Sex Is Awesome (And Necessary)

I tend to be the friend my friends call when there is a relationship problem. I am certainly unqualified to be a therapist, but I have studied gender and communication for several years. 1,094 more words

My Body Remembers You

My body remembers

the poems you wrote
in kiss and caress

the songs that you sang
in lust and in luxury

all over my
skin… 92 more words

Let Me Have My Way With You Tonight

Come, lay with me.

Let me hold you close. Feel the heat emanate from my body, feel my blood pumping, my heartbeat, the you effect… 341 more words

5 Steps To A One Night Stand

It’s a Monday. (Truly it can be any day, but for this scenario were sticking with good old fashioned Margarita Monday). It’s a Monday and your coworkers convinced you to go out for drinks after work to blow off some steam; to live a little. 1,217 more words

Love versus Sex - in life and in writing

Morning, all.

I’m currently writing a “taboo” story, which is the first book I’ve written where my characters fall in love before they have their “first time” together. 832 more words

Gay Romance