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Havoc Wrought

Twas havoc cried, twas havoc wrought
when pillars turn like wife of Lot.
The sodomites in Gomorrah
have naught on us, carcinoma.
We are symptom, you are diseased… 187 more words


Diane Hoffman Presents Havoc

Well! Hell Yeah!

Diane Hoffman Presents Havoc 20190217

After Hours Tavern

1614 N. Main St.

High Point, NC 27262

First you have to pick up a guitar or a set of drum sticks… 585 more words

The Havoc Energy Rifle In Apex Legends: The Newly-added Weapon Is The Hybrid Of The Advanced Technology And The Fantasy Towards Future

Apex Legends already launched the first major update and it is all about a new weapon. The first announcement of this update was revealed by the game developer Respawn Entertainment on Twitter and the attached video detailed on the firm date of its release: Wednesday, Feb. 450 more words

PC, Steam

Silence after the Storm

I deliver peace, I am not a messenger of mayhem.
I could never bow to anarchy and its believers,
I defy them.
However, I suffer from the carnage of hopes, 60 more words


Study Hall

“I’m thinking about updating my identity. What do you think of Night Bison? Maybe I get a darker suit. Go for the whole brooding crusader look. 1,038 more words


In arduis fidelis

There’s little enough to report. I’m exhausted, it’s stopped snowing, and earlier this week, I booked today off from work in an attempt to rest a bit. 811 more words

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The Uneducated Man

It is hard to pinpoint exactly how I got to Philosophy, even though it all began just a few years ago. Things weren’t good in the company (again) and I was consumed by unidentified feelings of anxiety (as always), so I finally took the courage, quit my scientific job and became just a policeman. 517 more words