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My article in The Nation - the original

There were several versions, but you may be able to see the difference between the final version and this one below: The Nation edited it to be more colloquial (I wasn… 1,182 more words

Defense Mechanisms

In her book Ego and the Mechanisms of Defense, Anna Freud (daughter of Sigmund Freud) detailed multiple defense mechanisms used to avoid facing reality. By using these mechanisms, along with the overwhelming inertia of the State and Federal presence, and the vast ignorance of Hawaiian history, many people in Hawaiʻi are able to conveniently avoid facing the disturbing reality that they live on contested ground. 464 more words

Puna lava flow remains sluggish

By: Jennifer Wong (HAWAII NEWS NOW)

The Puna lava flow advanced almost 100 yards today, but officials say the flow front remains sluggish.

The lava’s leading edge is less than half a mile mauka of Highway 130 across from the Pahoa Police and Fire stations. 58 more words

Jennifer Wong

John A. Burns School of Medicine receives $5 million gift

By: Jennifer Wong (Hawaii News Now)

UH’s medical school got an enormous gift today, in the form of five million dollars.

The historic donation comes from the Kosasa family who founded the ABC store chain. 53 more words

Jennifer Wong


Ua ao Hawaiʻi ke ʻōlino nei mālamalama.

Hawaiʻi is enlightened, for the brightness of day is here. [#2773]

Hawaiʻi is in an era of education.   In this new year, let us ask ourselves, “if not now, then when?”  There is so much to be learned from the happenings around us, things are constantly changing, discoveries always being made.   44 more words

New Cohort

Reconciliation Redux

When Kahu Kaleo Patterson asked me to speak at the Hoʻokuʻikahi Reconciliation service at St. Andrew’s Cathedral on January 17th (it’s at 6), he used a phrase that caught my attention: “mindful nationalism.” Those familiar with the nationalist movements of the twentieth century, in Europe and other places, are keenly aware of the perils of nationalism, a concept Benedict Anderson called “imagined communities.” A mindful nationalism is needed at this time, when a… 508 more words


I ola Hāloa

Mauli. Kalo plants thriving in this māla in upper Puna in the wet darkness of mauli. Huli journeyed all the way from Waipi‘o and are adjusting well to a cool, cloudy, forest environment almost 3,000 feet higher in elevation, in an atmosphere tinged with volcanic smoke, devoid of running water.