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5 Reasons To Visit Hawaii’s Volcanoes National Park

Without volcanic activity, the Hawaiian Islands wouldn’t exist — and Hawaii still has many active volcanoes today. If you find this geographical feature fascinating, be sure to visit Volcanoes National Park during… 449 more words

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What is the most dangerous volcano in Hawaii?

Paradise Helicopters spoke with Jack Lockwood to discover how volcanologists determine which volcanoes are “dangerous.”

What makes for a dangerous volcano? Geologists have a classification system that includes a designation for “active” volcanoes, but in the protracted time scale of volcanologists, “active” is used to describe a volcano that has erupted in the last… 201 more words

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Most, if not all, of the Maui guidebooks will tell you a must-see on your visit to the island is Haleakala National Park, preferably at sunrise. 287 more words


When will Hualalai erupt again?

World-renowned volcanologist Jack Lockwood explains why it is so difficult to predict when Hualalai will erupt again.

In our chats with Jack Lockwood, we’ve been exploring the geological future of Hawaii.   214 more words

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Hawaii in 10,000 Years


Jack Lockwood, the man behind volcanologist.com, recently told us what Hawaii might look like in 10,000 years.  To give some perspective, if we travel back in time 10,000 years, the most recent ice age was just coming to a close, it was the dawn of the neolithic era, and Hawaii wouldn’t be discovered by humans for another 8,500 years or so. 119 more words

Future Of Hawaii

Hawaii in 20 million Years


What does the future hold for Hawaii? World-renowned volcanologist Jack Lockwood took some time to speak with Paradise Helicopters and divine his answer from geological clues. 241 more words

Future Of Hawaii

Best Hikes of 2014: #8

The following hike is an exciting adventure through two very different environments – a lush rainforest and a barren lava field. It’s a hike that highlights the stark contrasts of Hawai’i and is one of my favorites on the islands. 300 more words