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Hawaii Lovin'

Just wanted to share an old gem from when I was in high school. This is not me obviously, but I thought it was a decent picture regardless. 49 more words


one morning . I decided that today was the day . instead of going , I stayed,. it broke my heart, my will. my freedom. the road not yet wandered. 22 more words

Chris Barton talks with Anne Bustard

Anywhere but Paradise, is a new chapter book by Anne Bustard. It tells the story of Peggy Sue, a girl who has to move from Texas to Hawaii in the 1960s. 605 more words

Timeshare 101: Cost of Owning a Timeshare

Purchase Costs
Timeshares will cost anywhere from $500 to $40,000 for one week. The industry average for all timeshares sold direct from the resorts is $10,080. 389 more words


Green Sea Turtle Cleaning Station

A Green Sea Turtle gets a much needed cleaning from his helpful fish friends. Sea Turtles will pose in the water and stay very still so that small fish can nibble away the parasites, algae and other harmful, small critters that can make the sea turtle sick. 18 more words

Sunrise Shell

Letter from a Devastated Place

The summer that you were eleven, you moved with your family to that little red-dirt town on Kauai. Less than a year earlier, the hurricane had ravaged the island—stripped its fruit trees, shredded its palms, wrecked the places tourists liked to go. 47 more words

Mixed Race