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Mr Stephen Hawking

So this is something of a departure from stuff I normally write about, but Mr Hawking was one of the most incredible, influential, intelligent, ingenious and inspirational people of our time. 798 more words


Stephan Hawking Ramalkan Akhir Semesta Sebelum Tutup Usia

Sepuluh hari sebelum kematiannya, Stephen Hawking menyelesaikan jurnal terakhir yang memprediksi bagaimana akhir dari semesta. Ia memprediksi semesta akan meredup dalam kegelapan ketika bintang-bintang kehabisan energi. 229 more words

Black Hole

Stephen Hawking and me

Stephen Hawking is one of the greatest geniuses of our time. We can hear and read this everywhere. Physicist, cosmologist, great mind, great thinker, mathematician, scientist… For me he was first of all human and writer. 246 more words


Member's handiwork helped Hawking view the universe

The recent death of theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking brought back a happy memory for CAA member Joe Golias. Among the accounts of the famous scientist’s life, a photograph and story resurfaced showing Hawking next to a specially-equipped telescope; a system Hawking could operate himself, to view and image celestial objects. 174 more words

…. His final paper, entitled¬†A Smooth Exit from Eternal Inflation?¬†(preprint here), focuses on the birth of the Universe as we know it…. 13 more words


A Briefer History Of Time Hawking And Mlodinow Book

Buy The Grand Design on Amazon FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders A Briefer History of Time by Stephen Hawking, Leonard Mlodinow Stephen Hawking’s worldwide bestseller, A Brief History of Time, remains one of the landmark volumes in scientific writing of our time. 482 more words

2 Weeks Before Death, Hawking Submitted a Mind-Melting Paper on Parallel Universes, entitled 'A Smooth Exit from Eternal Inflation"

Stephen Hawking submitted the final version of his last scientific paper just two weeks before he died, and it lays the theoretical groundwork for discovering a parallel universe. 236 more words