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Human race is doomed if we do not colonise the Moon and Mars, says Stephen Hawking 

Saving Life on Earth

GR: Hawking is right about the threat from an extinction-level meteorite strike, and it is certainly true that we are ruining this planet through overpopulation and global warming, but if we follow his advice, several thousand people will survive while billions will be left on Earth to die abruptly or slowly as events unfold. 689 more words


The Big Bang singularity is indistinguishable from an Act of Creation -- Spain vs Hawking, or Hawking's Error

Hawking gets this part below wrong. And he knows it. The universe has stages, an absolute zero state stage (pre Big Bang by Hawking’s telling). This has always existed and still does, at the center of every atom. 420 more words

Making home a much bigger place

Tomas Rocha, seasonal worker from Mexico working in southern Ontario

Last blog I told the story of my esteemed friend, Dr. Al-Guneid, today I want to extend that conversation to other political and economic migrants and refugees who find themselves living and working in Canada and abroad. 1,837 more words

You Can't Smooth the Big Bang

As a kid, I was fascinated by cosmology. I wanted to know how the universe began, possibly disproving gods along the way, and I gobbled up anything that hinted at the answer. 980 more words

Quantum Field Theory


Best Invention Of All Time? You’d Be Surprised How A Poll Of 2000 People Turned Out.


Two thousand people have been polled to find out what they thought were the ten best inventions of all time. 262 more words


The infamous University of Nairobi footbridge for ‘wrong’ businesses: From prostitution to muggings

The footbridge has become different things to different people.

The bridge located in the heart of Nairobi that was built to link the University of Nairobi and the city centre has attained new meaning for beggars, hawkers, muggers, and even prostitutes. 444 more words


Stephen Hawking : "my disability has been a help in a way. It has freed me from teaching or sitting on boring committees"

Q: People who use wheelchairs face many difficulties in leading a normal life. Having experienced difficulties yourself, what is your message to people who have to use wheelchairs? 167 more words