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Avian Pox

I don’t handle things well. After losing my first bird a month earlier to aspergilosis, I immediately break down, convinced my new male will die too. 711 more words


A Dip in the Road

Tyr’s crop, the place where he stores his food before passing it on to his stomach, is huge from his meal of squirrel. I am warned that he may throw up if he is not able to put all of the rich squirrel meat into his stomach fast enough. 330 more words




Indicators Research 47, 2, S. 153–201.

Haldane, J.B.S., 1955: The Origin of Man. Nature 176, S. 169.

Hartmann, P., 1992: Der magische Ergregor. Metathron, 2, 20. 415 more words


When a great man speaks

This post is to serve as a recommendation to anyone who might not have yet caught the Reith Lectures for 2016 – because they are well worth it. 270 more words

Hawking, Rudd and Quantum Chess: The Reign of Nerd

I’m in the Nerdland! Watch this hilarious video! What I liked about it, is that Rudd actually reminded me myself about 4-5 years ago, when I got the Quantum Virus! 142 more words

Stephen Hawking, Paul Rudd, and Keanu Reeves. My Life Is Complete.

I Live For This Stuff.

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Sermon blog: As in the days of Noah

Genesis 6:5-22

Recently a man was asked a question:

“Will the world end naturally or will man destroy it first?”

The man answered:

“We face a number of threats; nuclear war, global warming and genetically engineered viruses. 2,520 more words