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I just read an article in the punch of Wednesday, November 25, 2015, on the Abia state government’s decision to stamp out street trading in the state. 388 more words

Thought Of The Day.

Every Collapsing Communist Cloud has a Pirated Data Silver Lining

When Kevin and I first moved to Mexico City, we were amazed by the wide variety of goods that were hawked at traffic stops.  Not just the variety but the fact that a lot of them seemed wildly inappropriate for the situation, like the guy selling 6 foot hat racks at a busy roundabout on a major thoroughfare.   324 more words

Why the ex racehorse

Why the ex racehorse ?
I’m often asked why I only use Thoroughbreds, brought out of training for my falconry horses,I’m told they have a reputation for being flighty,scatty and very unpredictable. 231 more words

The Break Pt. 2

As we drive out to pick up Willow’s body from my friend, my gaze drifts out the window and I find myself thinking of my mother. 636 more words


The break Pt. 1

When I was ten my mother went in for what was supposed to be a routine colonoscopy. She has recently turned fifty so this wasn’t anything unexpected. 837 more words


Neanche Hawking

Neanche Hawking sa che cosa c’è

dietro a quel punto che più nero non ce n’è;

può sudare, lui ha pensato

ma lì non si è fermato. 119 more words

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