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Falcon Keyrings in Silver


Falcon Keyrings.   These stylish falcon keyrings bring to life this diurnal bird of prey, one of the fastest moving creatures on earth, diving up to speeds of 200 mph to catch its prey.  26 more words



A brilliant read for the scientifically attracted mind. This book is full of scientific models and theories, but all of them are explained brilliantly, making this book truly blend into the ‘normal’ reading market. 128 more words

Book Review

Thoughts of Chair-man Moire

My apples and orange peels question, Sy,  isn’t that the same as Jeremy’s?  What’s the connection between heat capacity and counting?”

“You’re right, Anne.  710 more words

Theory Of Everything 

About 14.9 billion years ago a cosmic juncture happened that created all the possible matter present around us, that event was named as Big Bang. It was known that before Big bang the universe was only filled with hydrogen and helium & due to big bang a hefty explosion happened which certainly increased temperature to 10^13 Kelvin which is indeed a large figure. 601 more words


Tales of the Milk Tiger.

If you met me back when I was in Calgary, you know that one of my favorite places is this cute little bar called The Milk Tiger. 2,557 more words


Taming The Elephant

Suddenly they were all on the attack.  Anne got in the first lick.  “C’mon, Sy, you’re comparing apples and orange peel.  Your hydrogen sphere would be on the inside of the black hole’s event horizon, and Jeremy’s virtual particles are on the outside.” 685 more words

Astronomy Begins at Home

However you look at it, the recent discovery that insect life on earth seems to have declined by eighty percent  over the last thirty years is bad news. 806 more words