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A Brief History of Time by Stephen Hawking

(XKCD – 799. This comic isn’t relevant to the book review, really, I just wanted an excuse to post it…)

“Today will still yearn to know why we are here and where we came from. 292 more words

Book Reviews

Robot overlords, a foreseeable reality?

The discussion about the threat that comes along with ever increasing Artificial Intelligence is widely debated now that creating an AI is within our reach. At a recent event, world renowned physicist Dr. 235 more words


When Stephen Hawking Goes Wrong

This recent article cites Stephen Hawking saying, “Computers will overtake humans within 100 years.”

This is yet another attempt at fear-mongering – and shows the fears of Stephen Hawking as well – fear of the unknown.   651 more words

The Future And Science Fiction

Religion within the Limits of Reason

Religion should not conflict with reason.  Much of the religious view is reasonable, but when faith intervenes, religion needs to admit it.  The religious view requires a “leap of faith.”  The belief in God requires faith.   286 more words


Teorías de Stephen Hawking sobre el fin de la humanidad

Uno de los pensadores más importantes de nuestros días es sin duda alguna Stephen Hawking, físico Ingles muy famoso por sus trabajos sobre agujeros negros y teorías del tiempo, además de su peculiar voz computarizada, debido a el problema físico que padece, pues este controversial físico ha dado tres teorías sobre el fin de la humanidad y te las contaremos en este post. 185 more words


Guest Author - Kevin Robertson and Beginnings

My start in falconry was not what you would call the “norm” – I stumbled across it to be honest and I hadn’t even heard of falconry before I started. 669 more words



When I was speaking to a friend about my blog she said you should write about the importance of the thumb finger as we cannot text with such an ease without the thumb. 323 more words