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Find alien life with your idle devices

By Philip Ritchie

Originally appeared in City Journal.

Two new closely-linked international initiatives in one of the most comprehensive search for alien life to date, Breakthrough Listen and Breakthrough Message, have reignited passions in the search for other living beings out there. 394 more words


Rocking with Hawking

Shout out to Hawking for sending over their project, the self titled, “Hawking EP.”

After listening to the project, I feel it is totally worth the share.  78 more words


Hawking, Musk, Wozniak Freaked About Artificial Intelligence Getting A Trigger Finger

Big names have been touting big fears about the implications of a future in which artificial intelligence plays a bigger role, and now those same folks … 10 more words

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Hawking, Musk Warn Of 'Virtually Inevitable' AI Arms Race

Stephen Hawking, Elon Musk and over 1,000 AI and robotics researchers have signed a letter suggesting a ban on AI warfare, warning of the potential for rampant destruction at the hands of “autonomous weaponry.” 365 more words


Tana Daily Telegraph reblogged this on Tana Daily Telegraph and commented:

"...Researchers were not arguing for an idealistic end to all high-tech warfare, but were specifically focused on being sure that the trigger always remained in the hands of a human controller..." - original author

Ο Stephen Hawking απαντάει στα ερωτήματά σας

Ο Stephen Hawking απαντάει στα ερωτήματά σας

στον υπερδεσμό


από σήμερα 27 Ιουλίου 2015 και μέχρι την επόμενη Τρίτη.

Ιδιαιτέρως τον ενδιαφέρει το πρόβλημα 6 more words

Gentlemen, Start Your Engines...

Saturday is here and it is the weekend once again. The days and weeks just seem to be flying in at the moment and I sometimes almost feel as though I cannot keep up although I am sure that is just a state of mind (mind you wasn’t there one of those crazy clever scientists like Hawking or Einstein who said that time is actually speeding up?) 795 more words


Stephen Hawking: Intelligent Aliens Could Destroy Humanity, But Let's Search Anyway

This week, famed physicist Stephen Hawking helped launch a major new effort to search for signs of intelligent alien life in the cosmos, even though he thinks it’s likely that such creatures would try to destroy humanity. 705 more words