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Sitting on the edge of a wet mud-hole

There is no escaping it, this disease is a bummer, ask Professor Steven Hawking, he’s lived with it for around 50 years. Most of us have a clue what’s around the corner just before we get there, but the news may have come out of the blue. 352 more words


Answering an Internet Atheist's challenge...

Raging Atheist: (arguing against scientists converting to Christianity) You can call yourself a scientist, doctor, academic or the like, but once you decide to use your title to add some sort of clout to your belief in an invisible sky creature, your title becomes meaningless. 635 more words


The Center (of Western Culture) Cannot Hold

Just after the First World War, the Irish poet W. B. Yeats — whose own life seemed to have no center — wrote of his vision for the 20th century: 548 more words

The Theory of Everything

I’ve just come indoors from my first meteor shower.

It wasn’t particularly long-lasting, neither was it particularly spectacular.

But it made me feel spectacular.

You know what I mean? 248 more words


Fundamental Black Hole How an Idea Abandoned by Newtonians

hospital used to be how to dispose of abandoned it?

documents that the public security organs in the receipt of the report or reports of… 309 more words

Into The Universe With Stephen Hawking Bluray Painless

Deciding on Bluray player is not that difficult if you look closely at the benefits that come with it. If you want the total value of your investment, you will never be disappointed with Bluray. 305 more words