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Flash 103 - the timed robberies, and Hawkman takes a cruise with the Gentleman Ghost

A dramatic, if misleading, cover on Flash Comics 103 (Jan. 49).

The deadly sword only appears at the very top of the story, used like the Sword of Damocles, but only for a mob boss to impress on his gang the effect his crimes are intended to have on the population, making them fear the next crime wave, uncertain of when it will hit. 217 more words

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Flash 102 - Hawkman and the big bubbles, and the Flash vs the Turtle

I believe the cover story, Broome and Kubert, in Flash Comics 102 (Dec. 48) was also adapted for a Silver Age Hawkman story, but I might be wrong about that. 229 more words

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Flash 100 - Hawkman and the flying car

Broome and Kubert pit Hawkman against the Human Fly Bandits in Flash Comics 100 (Oct. 48), a story which will get re-written in the Silver Age as an early Hawkman tale. 77 more words

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Hawkman confirmed as series regular on DC's Legends Of Tomorrow! 

 We already knew the Winged Wonder was going to be a part of DC’s televised universe this coming season, but it’s now been confirmed Hawkman will be a series regular on the new Legends Of Tomorrow series.  306 more words


Hawkman is a series regular on "DC'S LEGENDS OF TOMORROW"

In an interview with DCLegendsTV.com “Legends of Tomorrow” Executive Producer Phil Klemmer was asked if Hawkman played by Falk Hentschel   was going to be a regular part of the series and his answer was that he is. 22 more words


Flash 92 - Black Canary begins, and the Ghost goes to Paris

Flash and Hawkman welcome Black Canary to Flash Comics 92 (Feb. 48).  Apparently the Ghost Patrol and the Atom are not happy she has joined the book. 329 more words

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