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Fight Forever

When superheroes and supervillains clash, their contest is not merely a battle between individuals, it is a battle of philosophy, of action, and most importantly of morality. 984 more words


Waiting for Wednesday Episode 1


Waiting for Wednesday

Episode 1

Issues reviewed

Convergence Nightwing and Oracle 
Spider-Gwen #1 
Convergence Batman and Robin #1 
Convergence Speed Force #1

Waiting for Wednesday is a pop culture review show! 48 more words

Action 588 - Superman helps Hawkman and Hawkwoman against the Thanagarian fleet

Byrne and Giordano bring Superman into the climax of the Shadow War storyline that had been the mainstay of Hawkman through specials, a miniseries, and his own book’s first year, in Action 588 (May 1987). 113 more words

Action 491 - Brainiac pits Superman against Hawkman

Bates, Swan and Chiaramonte conclude the Brainiac storyline in Action 491 (Jan. 79).

Superman blasts right through the side of the JLA satellite, and Hawkman winds up in the battle of his life, having to hold off Superman until he finds a way to hurl him Earthward. 71 more words

Action 350 - the Caveman Superman, and Supergirl and the Heroes

Binder and Boring solve the mystery of the stone-age Superman in Action 350 (May 1967).

Perry White gets trapped at a cave-in at an archaeological dig.  362 more words


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