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DC's Legends of Tomorrow SN1 EP16 - 'Legendary'

If you have not yet seen the season finale, due to channels not airing it when they were supposed to (that happened to me), be warned that this article contains major spoilers. 2,600 more words

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Legends of Tomorrow Season One Review

Legends of Tomorrow is the ambitious spinoff show of Arrow and The Flash has ended its first season. The show was about a mix of heroes and villains who were popular in the shows they spun off from and banded them together in a time travelling adventure. 692 more words

The Weekly Haul - Week of May 11th Bargain-Stuff

I managed to miss the pull-list stuff this week–store owner was busy with another customer, I forgot to ask, and I had a mix of stuff, so taking responsibility for myself…going back to the comic shop Friday to fix… 427 more words


TV Review: Legends of Tomorrow

With the success of “Arrow” and “The Flash”, the CW had to put out another superhero show in that universe. Plus, those worlds were getting too big and they needed a place to ship off some of those characters. 465 more words


DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 1 Episode 13 "Leviathan" Recap

We are in London 2166 where the only person speaking with a British accent is Rip. We also get a giant robot that looks straight out of  1,252 more words

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DC's Legends of Tomorrow

I have always been more interested in the Marvel Universe to some extent. I chalk it up to the first superhero movies I watched was in fact the X-Men-series and the Spider-Man trilogy from the early 2000s. 1,384 more words