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Showcase Presents Hawkman Vol. 2

First Published: August 2008

Contents: Hawkman #12 (February-March 1966) to #27 (August-September 1968); The Brave and the Bold #70 (February-March 1967); The Atom #31 (June-July 1967); and… 694 more words

DC Showcase Presents

A: The Brave and the Bold #51

Up next are the single issues from the A Collection.
The Brave & the Bold presents Aquaman & Hawkman! (Issue 51).

Comic Books

All-Star Comics #1 - Summer 1940

Hawkman  vs. the Sorceror Trygg

Carter Hall is in Wales looking for adventure.  He finds it when he hears a woman named Margo calling for help. 1,008 more words

A few underrated comic book artists

During the late eighties and early nighties, comics were dominated by the likes of Todd McFarlane, Rob Liefeld, and Jim Lee. First with their work at Marvel Comics, and later with their little company called Image Comics. 488 more words


90's Treasure-Direct Currents #27!

Hey there Legions of the Unspoken!  I thought that I’d hit you guys with a quick post while I continue work on Exiles!  I love freebies from the comic book store.   105 more words

Why Hawkman Vol. 4 is One of Greatest Things Ever!! Part 3.

So where I last left off in my ramblings about Hawkman, he had journeyed to a country called Kahndaq and tried excavating some ancient ruins. This was all thwarted by Black Adam when he covers the ruins once again with a single clap. 992 more words

If He Can't Do It No One Can

The last week has been insane for me. Between the writers block and reading every graphic novel I can get my hands on for a Top 100 list I have been struggling mightily for anything to write about. 631 more words