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Preview: Hawkman - Found #1

One of DC’S greatest heroes is missing! No one has seen or heard from Carter Hall—a.k.a. Hawkman—in years. Reincarnated repeatedly since the dawn of humanity, Hawkman has spent his many lives uncovering history’s most fantastic mysteries, and now he has become one himself! 62 more words


DC Comics: More Face-Melting “Metal” Mayhem Coming in November and December!

DARK NIGHTS: METAL hammers all of the DC Universe, with more tie-ins, and One-Shots

As Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo’s high-octane roller coaster ride DARK NIGHTS: METAL is keeping fans on the edge of their seats, it’s also keeping the heroes of the DC universe busy fighting for their lives in the form of a series of tie-in stories and  a one shot issue featuring the return of Thanagar’s favorite mystery hunter, Carter Hall. 621 more words


TimDeCosplays – Cosplay Feature

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Hawkman cosplay, not least a Hawkman cosplay with a 6ft wingspan!  That takes some doing.  Meet Tim, who has the patience of a saint, because if you see that Aquaman cosplay of his, and then find out how those sequins were attached, it’s going to blow your mind (there were 2000 of them). 825 more words