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Eureka! Sea Turtle Found To Be First Known Biofluorescent Reptile

By Kristen E. Strubberg Editor-in-Chief

In the waters of the Solomon Islands, sheer chance revealed to science that the Hawksbill sea turtle glows in the dark… 218 more words


Researchers Discover Hawksbill Sea Turtles are Biofluorescent

Markus Reymann, director for the TBA21-Academy and Marine Biologist David Gruber, of National Geographic Emerging Explorer were diving in the Solomon Islands when they came across a biofluorescent Hawksbill Sea Turtle.   219 more words


Biofluorescent Turtle

A beautiful Biofluorescnet Turtle discovered by NatGeo.

Published by NatGeo Sep 28, 2015

While filming coral off the Solomon Islands, David Gruber, a National Geographic Emerging Explorer, encountered a “bright red-and-green spaceship.” This underwater UFO turned out to be a hawksbill sea turtle, which is significant because it’s the first time that biofluorescence has ever been seen in reptiles, according to Gruber. 34 more words


Like The "Glowing" Sea Turtle, These Animals Also Light Up

A hawksbill sea turtle that can light up like a neon Christmas tree is the latest addition to a menagerie of animals with an ability known as biofluorescence.   56 more words

All About Sea Turtles: Part V

The hawksbill sea turtle is truly a sight to see. We all love the oh so beautiful tortoise shell design. My glasses actually have the tortoise shell print that I love. 357 more words


The last book - water

The final book in the collaboration series came to me a week or so ago. The theme is water in all its variations. A little daunting for me, it is not a subject I have ever tackled, so required a fair bit of thought before I started to make marks in Gale’s book. 359 more words


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Distractions from the Primary Mission

What if the things we Christians fight for with the most passion turn out to be mere distractions from our primary mission here on earth as Christians? 1,209 more words


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