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982. adjust me

As stipulated in the liner notes for Hawkwind’s second album, “The spacecraft Hawkwind was found by Captain RN Calvert of the Société Astronomæ (an international guild of creative artists dedicated in eternity to the discovery and demonstration of extra-terrestrial intelligence) on 8 July 1971 in the vicinity of Mare Librium near the South Pole.” The album in question was… 39 more words

All Vinyl Apocalypse

I am not you I am me...

What does a grown man do when his family goes to Central Oregon leaving him home alone? Obviously he gets out his most ridiculously fun album and plays it as loud as his ears can stand. 369 more words


I need contact...

I have an indelible memory of being at the back of the stalls at the Liverpool Empire in 1983 as Peter Gabriel was passed around the audience during I Have The Touch. 441 more words


I have risen as the mighty bull of gold which has the head of a phoenix...

Oh that wacky Thunderider and his merry ways.

Having been ousted from the good ship Hawkwind our hero Nik takes off for Egypt on holiday and somehow convinces the Egyptian government to allow him to blow his flute in the Great Pyramid. 379 more words


Carboniferous Connections-Rock Evolution Part 1

Long, long ago, back when the coal measures were still being laid down beneath South Yorkshire, some youths formed a band.  They were 14 or 15 years of age, they were keen if not competent musicians and they were inspired to emulate their rock idols. 784 more words

On the subject of space rock...

Space rock is one of my most favouritest musical genres. I fuckin’ loves it, even though it’s primarily designed for people that take a lot of psychedelic drugs, and I haven’t done that in a long, long time (like nearly 25 years! 935 more words


Music - Spirit of the Age (Live 1979), Hawkwind

Prolly my favorite version.  Had this stuck in my head all week…