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RSD 2018- Hawkwind and the Residents Deliver Definitive Albums (and No One Noticed?)

Record Store Day. The somewhat benevolent creation of the record industry in 2007 to enervate the then fledgling recovering vinyl industry. Records had been considered dead and buried by the end of the 80’s, and vinyl pressings had dwindled to near nil from their hey day. 3,020 more words

a two-step too far (21/May/2018)

can you teach me how to dance real slooooooooow?……. really?…. you think, with these two left feet, these two left might-as-well-be facing-backwards feets?…… it’s always the left feet equated with clumsiness and never the right, I wonder why…… bear in mind I’m less the dancing on the ceiling type and more the dancing in the dark, the very dark, the pitch black dark out of sight, invisible to one and all…… I wonder if I had two right feet would that make me an outstanding dancer…?… worth a ponder…. 322 more words

FFO: Pink Floyd, The Pretty Things, My Morning Jacket

Four guys, four nationalities, and one shared love for 1960s Psychedelia. This is what makes up the London based psych-rock soul train that is The Statue Thieves.   171 more words


Lego Air Raiders

I came across someone named SparkArt on Flickr who had made a model for a Lego Hawkwind. They have a breakdown of pieces and how to build it. 74 more words


ARTICLE ABOUT Hawkwind FROM SOUNDS, September 23, 1972

This band is quite fascinating because they are so different to all the rest. They really struggle with their new-found success in this interview and you get the impression that they are torn between the need for commerciality and a wish for something more anarchistic. 1,904 more words

For Sale

Record Store Day

I’m back from processing my orders/finds from Record Store Day 2018. I actually got up “early” on a weekend to go :)

My three favourite bands are T.REX (be a longer post about them later),  Jethro Tull, and Deep Purple/Rainbow. 166 more words


Air Raider Prototype Figures, Part 2

Some more figure prototypes, similar to this one, are up on ebay. They are the Twin Lightning officer, Commander Airlocke and the Hawkwind officer, Commodore Kronax. 467 more words