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September is Cosmic Zap month here at Doctor Xaos Comics Madness. “Cosmic Zap” was Steve Gerber’s term for the proliferation of mystic, space-SF, psychedelic stories throughout Marvel Comics and perhaps comics in general during the mid-70s, especially those written and illustrated by Jim Starlin. 2,094 more words

The 70s Me

Stepping out of the lines

Summer ends so fast here it’s like they’re taking down a theatre set and replacing it with autumn, overnight.

Eberhard has a saying, «I’m a man, I fix things» 855 more words


Aya Gooin' Down De Mont? The Rise and Fall of the Giant Hogweed and the Spiders from Epping Forest

As it turned out, 1973 became something of an annus mirabilis for me as far as concert going at the De Mont was concerned. A month after the Quo show, there was a lackluster performance (yes, I was a critic even then) by Focus, who thought we all needed to hear three or four extended versions of “Hocus Pocus” before the end of the evening. 1,041 more words

Thoughts From The Guv'nor

The Sword - High Country

The Sword – High Country


Legacies are tricky things for bands to maintain.  Styles change, viewpoints go in and out of fashion, and there are bands (like The Who) that seem to swing on a continuous pendulum between being cool and being what my mother once called “fogey rock”.   502 more words


On August 26, 1976.

On August 27, 1976, “Charisma Records” released Hawkwind sixth studio album “Astounding sounds, amazing music”. The album title makes references to SF magazine “Astounding and Amazing Stories” and the cover is a parody of the covers of  old SF magazines. 85 more words