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Michael Moorcock Books and Library Donations.

It is always kind of fun to discover great writers who have a ton of work published. Over the last decade one of my favourite discoveries has been the work of Michael Moorcock. 295 more words

Notes From The Frogpond

The Iron Dream

Apparently putting their boots on the faces of everyone on Earth is no longer enough for the US. Vice President Mike Pence says Trump will soon “put American boots on the face of Mars” 9 more words


Space is Deep

As some readers may already know, I am something of a devotee of space rock godfathers Hawkwind. Some, like Mrs Mac for example, would argue that by owning sixty-plus Hawkwind vinyl albums (and counting) I am less a devotee and more an obsessive lunatic. 984 more words

Every Album I Own: F is for Fleetwood Mac's Rumours

Now that the punks are old and fat and have good jobs in the media, Fleetwood Mac have been quietly rehabilitated, like Hawkwind, and people can admit to liking… 1,295 more words


Financial turmoil

Good morning dear readers!

Jag hörde just på radion att idag är sista dagen som det går att handla med mynt i Sverige. Med start imorgon blir alla mynt ogiltiga och man kan bara betala med sedlar. 62 more words

If you want to get into it, you've got to get out of it...

In a fit of nostalgic insanity or fanboy lust, whichever makes the most sense I just managed to acquire Choose Your Masques by Hawkwind.

I believe this may be the result of the regression caused by too much Dungeons and Dragons or a physical real time in the moment acknowledgement that Hawkwind are actually in my DNA and I will always have some amount of affection for just about every album. 195 more words


Turning star projections, voices from the deep...

There’s something about the first time. Whichever first time it might be. The anticipation, the breathless rush to conclusion, the ultimate depression as it ends and then the relentless search for the next time. 364 more words