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“Keep Calm and….”

The other day I promised one of my pals that I would post another link to a website where you can create your own stuff… 298 more words


Conversations in the Outernet

I don’t really get the opportunity to see real 3D people in the ‘Outernet’. (Or ‘real life’ as most people probably know it)! I get the opportunity to talk to my gorgeous, beautiful friends thanks to the magical power of ‘being online’. 819 more words


theme song for my blog: #hawmc

At first, I was going to list songs I wish/hope my blog represents surviving; overcoming adversity in its many forms; growing stronger; gaining self-confidence and self-awareness, and becoming a warrior. 198 more words


My top 10: things I REALLY need and/or love in my life: hawmc #13

The first two are so close to #1, I’ll call them 1a and 1b:

1a: coffee with cream in the morning – sometimes a 2nd (and cold skinny coffee frappuccino with an extra shot of espresso if I’ve feeling lavish, have the bucks, and am close to a certain coffee café chain; even have my own reusable glass complete with lid and straw) 392 more words


Writing Challenge takes down health-blogger in just 7 days!

I’ve just hit that proverbial ‘wall’. I cannot continue to write a blog post every day, even for such a good cause as the WEGO Health Activist Writers’ Month Challenge! 429 more words


sorta haiku hiatus from #hawmc 2012

a haiku

i just cannot do

i could not write one in a box

i could not compose one with a fox

i could not pen one here or there… 39 more words


What superpower would I choose?

Hang on, what am I thinking? After all, I am ….dahn-da-da-daaaaah…..Gnomes Bane…..!

My superpowers include (nearly) endless patience, powers of remaining upright using messages from my Tai-Chi-honed leg muscles (when my head tells me that I should be falling over), very high levels of pain tolerance, and an almost unshakeable determination to keep going no…matter…what….(gritted teeth)! 526 more words