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The Impact of a Mutilated Text

A few weeks ago I was up in Trawden without a thought in my head about the Brontës – well, not until someone in the pastoral meeting I was attending mentioned that we were a mere eight miles from Haworth. 1,110 more words

Book Reviews

Finding your Brontë links

One of my Christmas holiday viewing highlights was “To Walk Invisible.” Sally Wainwright’s drama focused on the years between 1845-1848, with the four surviving Brontë siblings and their father all together in Haworth. 779 more words

Family History

Photo of the Week: Village Life

Haworth was the one and only English village I had the pleasure of visiting, and out of all of the places I went to during my study abroad excursion, this place makes my top five list. 82 more words

Photo Of The Week

To Talk Inaudibly...

…wasn’t the name of the new drama about the Brontes, (To Walk Invisible) but it might as well have been. Being a Bronte fan and having visited the parsonage in Haworth on several occasions, I was really looking forward to the new drama by Sally Wainwright – but I was bitterly disappointed. 451 more words

A trip to Haworth, Yorkshire.

To hear that Sally Wainwright was writing To Walk Invisible about the Brontes for the BBC made my little Yorkshire heart explode with excitement! Sally Wainwright is my favourite writer, and the Bronte parsonage at Haworth is my favourite place. 503 more words

A literary weekend

I’ve been trying to get to Haworth to visit the Charlotte Bronte exhibition all year. It finishes this month. I was going to go up on July but went to look after my mum after an op instead. 930 more words


Wuthering Haworth

Dear readers,

So as I mentioned on my earlier post my plans for today were to go to the Bronte Parsonage Museum and Saltaire, which is exactly what I did. 249 more words