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Unusual Garden Bounty

Here it is, fall again, with a grey sky loosing the occasional snowflake. Inside, the woodstove is giving off a cozy warmth and there is jam bubbling on the stove. 1,159 more words

Gardening In Snow Country

Repotting the Tall Guy Hawthorn

This is a series of photos from a repotting of an OLD Hawthorn from a few years ago. Pot is by the late Derek Aspinall, the soil mixture is very open and well draining. 32 more words


'Fat Guy' Hawthorn Winter image

I have been working this tree for over 20 years, it has come together well with the branch structure maturing and the ramification filling out. 16 more words


Childhood Sweets from the Streets

What did you consider a “treat” as a child?

Was it a freshly baked cookie from the oven? Or getting to go to your favourite restaurant? 707 more words


Rounded: Hawthorn Berries

October is finishing on a grey, cold, overcast note. Thank goodness for the odd explosion of colour in the hedgerow.

“Rounded” is the theme for this week’s WordPress photo challenge. 12 more words


Honeysuckle scrambling through the hawthorn hedges in the lanes of Shropshire

It was just a month ago that the late flowering honeysuckle was scrambling through the hawthorn hedges of the Shropshire lanes. Photographed by Anthony Sargeant on one of his early morning bicycle rides in September, the hedgerows have now been cut back and the blossom and leaves have gone as the first frosts of winter bring all growth to a halt till next Spring.

Anthony Sargeant

Glowing haws

These hawthorns berries aren’t native Irish ones but an American variety. They are larger than our native haws and have a pleasant apply flavour. I just love the way they… 7 more words