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Blood Bath! Steven Ho Gets Gruesome on Conan

Happy World Goth Day to all us dark-souled, black-hearted ghouls & gremlins! FOREVER ALLOOOOONNNE!!!

Keeping WGD in mind, it was good timing and tangentially relevant that BCB’s ol’ pally Steven Ho — despite having his arms full with real Asian baby twins (alas, … 170 more words


Steven Ho + Conan = One Huge TMNT

So our buddy Steven Ho has been crazy busy raising twins (Congrats!) and apparently ignoring his OG Asian Baby — but he’s BACK on Conan… 230 more words


Practical Matters

Before starting on my little mini rant, I just want to clarify. I like Action Movies as much as the next girl.

Wait…no. That may not be right. 1,088 more words

Croon, Jamie Woon!

Ok, I’m probably hella tardy to the party on this guy, but I’m kinda officially an old person who has abandoned all hope for keeping up with the jams favored by youffs of today. 121 more words


Being Hawt in Europe - Daniel Lee in Aviators.

It’s cunning, baffling and powerful how drool-y I become in the face of this photo. It’s actually just disgusting. But seriously, this man could be As Gay As… 74 more words

Salty Goodness

Too Fabulous For My Own Health

Me: That upsetting moment when my feet can’t keep up with fabulousness.

Friend: Did you fall?

Me: No. But my feet were bleeding last night. So obviously I bandaged that shit up and put my heels back on this morning :P… 34 more words