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Added writing

Here is my nearly finished piece, with the writing added. I’m not too sure about the text as I feel like it is a bit dark, maybe a red or orangey text might work a bit better, but I will see what my tutor has to say. 149 more words

Hay Festival

Hay update

After having feedback, my tutor thought that the piece looked a little bit unfinished, so I decided to combine the flowers and the birds to the separate trees to link everything together. 124 more words

Hay Festival

Happy Hay-on-Wye

I am lucky enough to live fairly close to the welsh borders, and so the beautiful town of Hay-on-Wye isn’t too far from my neck of the woods. 510 more words

Hay Festival: Children's interactive task

I have drawn out the line-art for the final image and am proposing its use as a guide for the interactive section of my design. 48 more words


Writing practice for hay festival

Here is some of the practice writing I have done for my hay festival. I did this using my drawing tablet, drawing straight into the computer. 88 more words

Hay Festival

New books and other excitements

A few books have come into the house just lately – I have a habit of idly ordering books while I sit watching TV, or when I’m eating my lunch at work. 491 more words

New Pinterest boards! 

Just to let you know guys, I also have two new Pinterest boards one for each of the projects I am doing at the moment. I have a Pinterest board on some tree illustrations I have found which I love, and a board on some aikido bits for my collections. 52 more words