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Time to Fly

I often told people my husband held my kite string so I could fly.  What I didn’t realize I was saying at the time is I felt I needed holding down.   565 more words


The Gap in Meditation ... am I doing it right?

When in meditation, there is a moment called “the gap.” This place outside of space and time is a flash of stillness and silence. It can be a goal for some meditators but if you haven’t had this experience, it can leave you feeling frustrated and asking the question “am I doing this right?” But when looked at from a different perspective, every meditation can be the perfect experience with an opportunity for deeper inner connection. 208 more words


Meditation, Positivity, Relationship

Today science is finally proving what many people have believed for thousands of years. Meditation has been proven by the power of your breath to lessen worry, anxiety and impulsivity. 172 more words


Spend Some Time with Mike Robbins.

I first shared this post about Mike Robbins back in November. It’s been updated and changed a bit so if you’ve seen it, give it another look and if you haven’t, I hope you will check it out.   545 more words


Wayne Dyer Teaches Passion and Purpose

Book Review by Dana Taylor

In June of 2015 I uncharacteristically spent over $2,000 to attend a Hay House Writer’s Conference on Maui featuring Dr. Wayne Dyer. 955 more words

Book Reviews

The 5 kinds of capital that out-trump financial capital

“The spiritual lens—even just the nightly gratitude list–is starting to rewrite the story of my life. I feel like I have been snatched out of the fire, salvaged, saved.”—Mary Karr… 459 more words

I am...

Having just posted about the whole ‘I am not good enough thing’… I just came across this blog by Dr Wayne Dyer. he explains it so well – the ‘I Am’ mentality! 282 more words

Prayers And Affirmations