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Let Us Away

Let us away and make hay

For tomorrow we must pay

Let us frolic the live long day

But tomorrow we must pay


Back to the future

This was taken last year when I had transportation (a motorbike which was sent to the great scrapyard in the sky hitting a car which never a good idea) so I unable to get to remote locations anymore so no longer do landscapes, this has lead to me concentrating on Street, Architecture & Seascapes so expanding my library of images. 33 more words


The Farmer’s Conundrum

I think I have mentioned before that we have a small irrigation licence that we initially used to grow cotton until both prices and a reduced allocation, as a result of water sharing plans, dropped below a level that was profitable. 473 more words



Yes, of course, I have many memories of Fawcett. I was there briefly with Eva and then with Polly. Eva was someone you never took liberties with. 501 more words

Fawcett House

Wrapping up the season

October 9,2014

The season will soon be closing in, with snow all around us. We are taking advantage of these nice October days to wrap things up. 269 more words

October 2014

The Last Hay

I had done a lot of hay-turning, but most of the time I watched the children and prepared food and drinks for the hay-makers. But this day, my father and half the younger children were away, so I needed to help with both. 169 more words

An Afternoon of Hay

The task of harvesting hay—you love it, you hate it… or both.

When I was a teenager, I had more reasons to hate it since the whole process was done human powered except some final heavy transportation done by animal traction. 289 more words