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News Corp Offers Compensation for Phone-Hacking Victims as James Murdoch Faces New Grilling

News Corp’s London arm News International has set up a website for those seeking compensation for having their phones hacked on the orders of the company’s now-defunct tabloid,  326 more words


Adele Expected to Make Full Recovery After Throat Surgery

After only two albums, could Adele’s career have already been on the line?

There must have been considerable worrying surrounding the vocal ability of the 23-year-old British singer-songwriting sensation as she went under the knife, receiving scheduled surgery on her throat. 197 more words


Victoria's Secret: Late Queen's Knickers Auction for $14,000

An auction in Edinburgh, Scotland saw a pair of British monarch Queen Victoria’s knickers sell for $14,000.

The 35-inch sized underwear was purchased by an anonymous buyer, who shelled out £9,375 for the knee-length panties. 218 more words


Parochial Pivot: St. Paul's Cathedral Won't Pursue Legal Action Against Occupy London

It’s only taken three resignations and scores of bad publicity, but St. Paul’s Cathedral has announced that they won’t be pursing legal action against the few hundred protesters camped outside their doors. 427 more words


St. Paul’s Protester Problem: Third Cleric Resigns Over Occupy London

The London arm of the worldwide Occupy Wall Street movement has proved its ability to shake up an institution, as a third senior cleric from St. 692 more words


Obscure Scottish Whisky Named Best in the World

It took whisky expert Jim Murray four months of nonstop tasting to try the 1,200 whiskies for his 2012 Whisky Bible. But hard work pays off. 98 more words


Blood Ties: Prince Charles Claims 'Dracula' Inspiration Vlad the Impaler as Ancestor

They’ve both spent a fair amount of time in castles. But other than that, NewsFeed struggles to think of common links between the Prince of Wales and Romania’s most famous tyrant. 217 more words