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The Top Ten anime movies

“You see I really have to tell you
That it all gets so intense
From my experience
It just doesn’t seem to make sense”

Emerson, Lake, and Palmer – “Still… You Turn Me On”

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Hayao Miyazaki: The Reunification of Japanese Values

When speaking about Hayao Miyazaki, it is near impossible to exaggerate the beauty, complexity, and joyfulness that comes from watching one of his movies.  Hayao Miyazaki is a world renowned and, arguably, the best Japanese animator.   479 more words

Rant / Rave

Studio Gainax Month: Nadia, Secret of Blue Water

Jean Raltique is a 14 year old inventor living in 1890’s France. He and his uncle are participating in the Birdman Rally, an event that wouldn’t actually be established until 1970’s England, but we’ll be gracious and ignore that fact. 3,531 more words


Another Ghibli Post - It's Not Totoro!

Hey all!

It’s so late at night and I’ve had a day packed full with studying. It’s exam period now, and while I love folding origami, my exams come first. 123 more words

Miscellaneous Inspired!

Spirited Away

How is Spirited Away different from the other animated films you’ve seen?

Most animated films I’ve seen are geared towards children. While Spirited Away does have some cutesy elements there are many parts that are too horrific, too gruesome for children to see.

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Film Critique

Totoro and I

A few months ago, in a post about the movies I’ve watched the most often, I made the following prediction about my daughter:

Once Beatrix is old enough, she’ll start watching movies, too, and if she’s anything like most kids I know, she’ll want to watch the same videos over and over.

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Now on sale: The Kiki’s Delivery Service Broom, officially licensed by Studio Ghibli

In general, anime merchandise tends to be full of wonder and whimsy. Much like how the medium of animation allows creators to escape the restrictions of reality, many of the trinkets that are pitched to anime fans are supposed to be approximations of items they’re not likely to come across in their daily life, such as a… 359 more words