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The Kingdom of Dreams and Madness

– See him watering his plants? He has no idea we’re watching him. Look over there. See that house with all the ivy on it? 110 more words

Hayao Miyazaki

From Up on Poppy Hill

I don’t envy those who have chosen to follow in the footsteps of successful parents in the same field. Apparently, neither does Gorō Miyazaki who was long said to be reluctant to follow his parents, and specifically his legendary director of a father, into the world of animation. 1,557 more words


My Neighbor Totoro

I am the father of an all most two year old boy who loves watching The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on Disney Jr. I’m constantly trying to find new things for him to watch and get excited about just so I don’t have to watch more Mickey Mouse. 1,482 more words


Why Hayao Miyazaki's Movies Mean so Much to Me: Chapter 1

(Movie Spoilers Included)

From the time I was a child, the movies of Studio Ghibli have been a part of my life. They were a beginning for my love of anime and Japanese culture as a whole. 495 more words

Spirited Away


Review: Chihiro, a young 10 year old girl finds herself having to move to the suburbs with her family. She enters a world which is run by gods, witches, spirits and also where humans are changed into beasts. 190 more words


Thoughts About Writer's Block

It’s a surprise that I haven’t tackled this subject sooner. After all, I can imagine this to be a common issue that many writers face at some point or another, to some level of severity. 708 more words


WIP: Tears of Sosuke (Sosuke no Namida)

Good news! A piano transcription of the song Tears of Sosuke (Sosuke no Namida) from the soundtrack of Ponyo (Gake no Ue no Ponyo) is nearing completion! 21 more words

Music Arrangement