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Hayate No Gotoku - Chapter 544 (Quick Review)

– The main story is shifting gears at max speed in the final arc.

– Hata Sensei, has effortlessly inserted a major history into the story without affecting any continuity… 55 more words


Hayate No Gotoku - Chapter 543 (Quick Review)

– this was more of a chapter to “explain” what’s happening & what may happen

– still the wataru & nagi moment made up to it, with a feel good vibe. 34 more words


Hayate the Combat Butler first reaction

The opening page is an in-joke of the characters talking about how amazing it is for the series to get its own book. For those that don’t know, most manga in Japan is published by chapter in manga magazines, and reaching enough chapters to print the first book is usually a major milestone. 998 more words


Hayate No Gotoku - Chapter 540 (Quick Review)

– I’m never been a big fan of Katsura Sensei (in fact I’m downright irked by her), so I was really disappointed/irritated till almost the near end of the chapter… 121 more words


Hayate No Gotoku - Chapter 539 (Quick Review)

– Looks like we’re back to the roots of the series, “MISUNDERSTANDINGS” !! :D

– Poor Chiharu ended up being a victim for Hayate’s words too… 17 more words


The Speakeasy #079: Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress, Sailor Moon Drops, Flying Witch, Crunchyroll

Ongoing Investigations: Sailor Moon Drops, Flying Witch, Goodnight Punpun vol 1-2 by Inio Asano, Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress, Showa: A History of Japan by Shigeru Mizuki, End of Hayate by Kenjiro Hata. 82 more words


Tuesday Tunes || Assorted Vol 2

What’s better than going over one soundtrack? Going over multiple soundtracks of course! I couldn’t single out just one OST today so I decided it was time to do another collection edition! 222 more words