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Friday's Feature: Anime Characters in Summer

Two days from Christmas and those of us in the land of Aus are dying from excessive waves of heat and humidity when we aren’t having our roofs blown off by summer storms. 597 more words

Tuesday's Top 5: Christmas Focussed Episodes

I was the day late with Halloween so I decided I’d do Christmas episode a little bit earlier. When narrowing down the list I decided to stick with shows where I just enjoyed the Christmas episode rather than found it a bit of a tag on annoyance. 732 more words

Anime Challenge#5 - Anime I'm Ashamed I Enjoyed

Of all the anime I’ve seen, there are ones that i have liked and others that i haven’t liked so much. But to choose an anime that i’m ASHAMED i enjoyed required a lot of thinking. 347 more words


Hayate the Combat Butler first reaction

The opening page is an in-joke of the characters talking about how amazing it is for the series to get its own book. For those that don’t know, most manga in Japan is published by chapter in manga magazines, and reaching enough chapters to print the first book is usually a major milestone. 998 more words


Hayate No Gotoku - Chapter 538 (Quick Review)

– Maria’s reasoning for her decision makes perfect sense really. If you look at it , it really has been long time coming.

Prediction : I don’t think Nagi will let her go though. 77 more words


Hayate No Gotoku - Chapter 537 (Quick Review)

– Maria-san <3

– I was smiling like an idiot from the start, looking at Hayate’s plans biting the dust, but then the big reveal happened. 30 more words