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Every Star Wars - Episode II: Attack of the Clones

Every Star Wars – Episode II: Attack of the Clones

In celebration of the release of Rogue One, Travail Journal is doing a breakdown of every Star Wars film in chronological order. 1,812 more words

Anakin Skywalker

'Star Wars' Revisited, Part 6: 'Revenge of the Sith'

Pre-viewing thoughts: “Revenge of the Sith” is my go-to movie whenever people dismiss the entirety of the Star Wars prequels. It completes Anakin’s transition from Jedi hero to Sith tyrant in dramatically compelling and logical fashion, it shows us the fall of the Republic and the rise of the Empire, the cast is finally comfortable in their parts, and we get some great payoffs, including Obi-Wan and Anakin’s showdown and the birth of Luke and Leia. 3,437 more words


'Star Wars' Revisited, Part 5: 'Attack of the Clones'

Pre-viewing thoughts: “Attack of the Clones” is Peak George Lucas when it comes to the Star Wars series. It’s a movie that only barely hangs together at the plot level while having one of the worst-realized love stories in recent memory, yet manages to almost work on the strength of several noteworthy set pieces. 2,683 more words


001: Cat and Mouse

How is the Character of Anakin Skywalker Presented in Cat and Mouse, and in Star Wars: The Clone Wars?

As the planet of Christophsis is surrounded by a separatist blockade, Anakin Skywalker’s fleet attempts to drop off relief supplies. 541 more words

The Clone Wars


Hate leads to suffering.

At long last, we finally have it: the first genuinely good Star Wars prequel film. Not just good, but exceptional. Took them long enough. 902 more words


Hayden Christensen To Star in Apocalyptic Thriller 'NUMB, AT THE EDGE OF THE END'

Hayden Christensen and Harvey Keitel will star together in the apocalyptic thriller NUMB, AT THE EDGE OF THE END.

Argentinian director Rodrigo H. Vila will be directing from a script he wrote. 84 more words


Here's Hayden!

On this fast, fun episode, our Star Wars Correspondent, Randall, chats with “Hayden Christensen” about forbidden love, the genius of George Lucas, and his hopes for Rogue One. 21 more words