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Get to Know Guest Conductor/Pianist Jeffrey Kahane

Editor’s note: Maestro Jeffrey Kahane conducts the Kansas City Symphony for the June 3-5 Classical Series concerts and is the featured soloist for Ravel’s jazzy Piano Concerto in G Major. 841 more words

Kansas City Symphony

"Everything we do is Music"*...

It was… difficult to put a modern day figure on the likes of Mozart, Beethoven and Wagner… for a few reasons. For a start, a lot of the musicians we took a look at were paid in long dead currencies such as thalers, ducats and florins – then there’s the fact that composers were also more likely to have made supplemental income from compositions and tutoring.

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Podcast: Haydn Seek, pt. 1

featuring Mike McCaffrey

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I started this podcast to hear and share stories and expertise, people’s unique musical experiences, be it a long-time career and tidbits from it, or a more specific story to share. 518 more words


Classical Music Detonates: Haydn, Mozart, and the Explosion of the Sonata Form


Two Classical composers are discussed in this blog post: Franz Joseph Haydn (1732-1809) and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791). In addition to short biographies of these two musicians, this post will also describe the Sonata form, one of the main instrumental schemas of the eighteenth century. 1,922 more words

Music History

Them's fightin' words!, Day 5 – Agnus dei from Mass in Time of War by Franz Joseph Haydn

This week’s theme is…Them’s fightin’ words!  Since time immemorial humans have found reasons to fight one another.  The images of combat and war fill our stories, our art, and yes, our music.   1,426 more words