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Captain America: The First Avenger

A big part of any superhero’s story is how he or she transcends the ordinary to the extraordinary. When you read comics, the origin is part of the background; everybody knows how the superhero got his or her special abilities and why to start wearing a mask. 954 more words


#AgentCarter "Imagine It" Contest... deadline approaches

After a slight fiasco with my desktop, I’m getting around to re-posting this.  Hope all you agents have finalized your entries.  :) I’ve tweaked and tweaked my opening scene entry thanks to  22 more words

Agent Carter

Μια πολύ επιτυχημένη ταινία των '90s γίνεται μίνι τηλεοπτική σειρά.

Το 1992 ο James Ivory είχε κάνει μεγάλη εμπορική και καλλιτεχνική επιτυχία μεταφέροντας στη μεγάλη οθόνη το 22 more words


ANT-MAN (2015)


Dr. Hank Pym recruits a master thief Scott Lang who was recently released from prison. Pym trains Scott to become “ANT-MAN” by wearing the suit that empowers him to shrink in scale, have super human strength and the ability to control ants. 57 more words

Best 'Black Mirror' Episodes: Be Right Back Meaning & Ending Explained

‘Be Right Back’ is definitely Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror at it’s very finest.  The episode follows the story of Martha (Hayley Atwell), a widowed woman given a way of contacting her deceased partner, Ash (Domhnall Gleeson). 808 more words

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Character Appreciation Post- Peggy Carter

Note: This is a 2 year old post. Unfortunately, Agent Carter has since been cancelled. However, my appreciation of the character remains and thus, when I happened across this post, I knew I had to publish it. 656 more words

The First Exclusive Look at Hayley Atwell in Limited Series 'HOWARDS END'

Check out your first exclusive look that STARZ has released for their upcoming limited series, HOWARDS END, starring Hayley Atwell, which can be seen down below! 210 more words

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