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Hey team,

B. here. Just checking in to see how you’re doing, what you’re up to. Need anything? A glass of water? An ice cream sandwich? 334 more words

Agent Carter

Agent Carter S2E05 The Atomic Job

I was especially disappointed to see the B- that the A.V. Club gave this most recent episode of Agent Carter because (A) the show is stranger than any other show on television, leapfrogging genres and remixing tropes at lightspeed and (B) it is still underrated (by critics) and underappreciated (by it’s audience, or rather the people who should be in the show’s audience). 422 more words

Agent Carter

Agent Carter: 'Life of the Party' / 'Monsters' Sneak Peek

Before Tuesday’s special two-hour Agent Carter when Peggy recruits a familiar enemy to help take down Whitney, check out the little preview in the tweet below! 45 more words


Writing Romance: The First Avenger

With Valentine’s Day is barreling towards us, this week feels like a good a time as any to delve into how we write and appreciate love stories. 1,316 more words


Doctor Who: Eight Actresses Who Should Play the Next Doctor

With the news that 2018 will see a new showrunner for the BBC science-fiction series Doctor Who, many fans have begun to speculate that the new broom will sweep in some big changes. 860 more words


Adieu to Agent Carter? Hayley Atwell Gets New Role That Might Put An End To Agent Carter

Miss Carter was just starting to grace our lives again, when this news hits the page of my browser: Agent Carter New Seasons at Risk Due to Hayley being Signed for a new Pilot. 116 more words

Agent Carter