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10 Reasons Why "The Trouble with Angels" Still Holds Up

Released while the Church was shuddering through its first Post Vatican II transitions, Ida Lupino’s The Trouble with Angels remains a family favorite in a surprising number of households. 1,146 more words

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THE FAMILY WAY (1966 Britain)

Arthur (Hwyel Bennett) and Jenny (Hayley Mills) are like any other newlyweds who probably just like to have some privacy. To get their freak off I suppose, but they can’t seem to get the deed done, as they are constantly under the eye of family, friends, especially Arthur’s father, Ezra (John Mills). 538 more words


Not Quite Right, Dr. Freud

In honor of reconnecting with my very best friend from childhood, here’s a post from 2012 about Doris and one of our favorite games. I hope she will forgive me for my deep, horrible secret: 563 more words


Parent trap: the original gem

When thinking of the Parent Trap most people think of the movie with Lindsay Lohan right?

Not me though.

Well okay at first I did because that filmed rocked. 399 more words

If ever I feel I might be able to tackle it, I’d love to...

If ever I feel I might be able to tackle it, I’d love to try holding a spear or something in the theater, or opening a door, or anything, just to try it, you know, because it must be some marvelous magic thing. 7 more words

Hayley Mills

Walt Disney Presents: That Darn Cat

Disney made many very good live-action films in the 1960’s and 70’s, all of which starred a dependable group of performers. That Darn Cat featured Hayley Mills and Dean Jones, both of which starred in multiple Disney comedies. 242 more words


Women: My Beauties Near and Far

Of all the movies I like, one that I’ve seen several times is Alfred Hitchcock’s Rear Window (1954). It’s one of my Top 10 Favorites. In fact it’s… 728 more words