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William Morris & Walter Crane: Socialism

The Industrial Age and Socialism

In our discussion of art in Britain during the 19th century, I mentioned that William Morris and Walter Crane were socialist activists. 1,022 more words

Walter Crane

The Chicago Anarchists – A May Day Story

[ By Marie-Blaise Capo-Chichi ]

Labour Day – also known as International Workers’ Day, or May Day.

But do we know why we get a holiday on this day? 832 more words

The Reading Room

Today In History. What Happened This Day In History

Today In History. What Happened This Day In History

A chronological timetable of historical events that occurred on this day in history. Historical facts of the day in the areas of military, politics, science, music, sports, arts, entertainment and more. 411 more words


May Day

People carry a national flag as they march during a May Day rally in Jakarta, Indonesia


Séverine - The Chicago Anarchists

“The time will come when our silence will be more powerful than our voices that you are strangling to death!”

via Séverine – Rebel In a Black Dress


The Chicago Anarchists

The Chicago Anarchists[1]

They took these four men, full of life and health, and covered their shoulders with the shroud that, a few minutes later, would wrap their twisted limbs and hide their contorted faces—and their eyes popping out of the sockets to punish them for having seen too far and too high into the future of humanity; and their tongues hanging out of their mouths, gags of purple flesh sealing forever those lips guilty of having spoken of truth and justice! 432 more words