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Street Musicians at the Farmers Market

At the Haymarket Farmers Market, musicians cater to the unique Nebraskan farming clientele with catchy tunes.


And terrazzo did flow: a select tour around Ultimo, Haymarket and Central

Terrazzo is a distinctive, composite building material that comes in various colours, often used in flooring. Terrazzo in pink hue seems to have been particularly popular in postmodern architecture of the 1980s and 90s. 655 more words

Post Modern Architecture

Haymarket Hotel, London SW1Y

London, UK, images; properties and buildings – hotels

Address and postcode: Haymarket Hotel, 7 Haymarket, London SW1Y 4HX

Nearest Underground Station: Piccadilly Circus Station


Menya Mappen and i-Creamy (Sydney - Haymarket)

On our way to Chinatown, we stopped by Skyview Plaza for really good and affordable udon. Located inside Skyview Plaza along George Street, it is this really authentic looking Japanese udon eatery, where they have a menu at the door, you decide before joining the queue (or risk feeling super stressed at the counter when you hold up everyone behind). 281 more words


Petaling Street Malaysian, Haymarket

When Petaling Street (Pe-TAH-ling) first opened, I remember seeing queues up to 10 deep waiting outside the store to get in. Time has moved on, there are still queues outside Mamak a few blocks away (I can’t understand why), but people have moved on from Petaling Street. 394 more words

Eating Out

A flawed revolutionary icon - a review of The Politics of Che Guevara

Mike Gonzalez reviews Samuel Farber’s recent book, The politics of Che Guevara, published by Haymarket Books.

For two generations of activists, Ernesto Che Guevara has symbolized a kind of selfless heroism. 1,223 more words


Ms. Jennifer Lee Gourmet Bakery

In the Haymarket area of Boston, there is something called the Boston Public Market. It’s a year round indoor market with local vendors selling gourmet foods and treats. 206 more words