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Ramen O-san - Haymarket

The Top Line: If you’re into ramen, then this is a must-try. If you liked Gumshara, but thought the broth was a bit too thick then this would be the perfect establishment for you! 247 more words


Sharon & Danny | Piedmont Golf Club, Haymarket, Virginia Wedding

Sharon & Danny’s classic summer wedding at Piedmont Golf Club in Haymarket, Virginia was absolutely perfect. I am so completely over the moon happy for this couple! 153 more words


Stop HOAs from Violating our freedom!

Hello world! I am an American who believes in the US Constitution because it is the basis for a civil society and it is the reason we are the most tolerant and GREATEST nation on earth!  

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Boston Awaits Opening Of Indoor Public Market

BOSTON (CBS)– Seattle’s got one– so does Philadelphia and San Francisco. And you can add Boston to the list of American cities with an indoor public market in the coming weeks. 342 more words


Lester Bookbinder 1: The Management Today covers.

Penn and Avedon are almost as well-known today as they were when they were alive and working.
It’s rare to be given a treatment, whether photographic or film, that doesn’t reference at least one of their images. 124 more words

Rambling around Lincoln, Nebraska

We are now pacing our movement to attend a big event that we signed up for several months ago, the Grand National Rally in Forest City, Iowa.   952 more words

Where We Have Been

BOOK REVIEW: The Mexican Revolution: A Short History 1910-1920 by Stuart Easterling

Easterling makes a reasonable clarification of the chaos of the Mexican Revolution—as he says “…ten years of social conflict, deprivation, and bloody warfare.” He skims through the ten-year revolution with seminal characters in this petite book as: 402 more words

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