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OSHA periodically publishes horror stories of fines for violations of safety rules. Specifically, in its OSHA Regional News Release last January we learned that one Hartford, Conn., construction company was slapped with a whopping $169,000 fine “chiefly for exposing its workers to cave-in hazards while repairing a sewer line in a 10-foot-deep trench…” 270 more words

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Be Prepared: Changing Shipping Regulations

AICC just returned from attending the winter meeting of the Chemical Packaging Committee of the Institute of Packaging Professionals. This committee is the one that monitors the global changes in hazardous material packaging and shipping regulations and acts as this Association’s major advocate with the US Department of Transportation. 334 more words

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Nobody likes to talk about biohazards but the reality is that improperly remediated hazards can endanger lives and pose potential liability for property managers and landlords. 272 more words

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DOT Table 2 Placarding

DOT hazard placards for table 2, the 1,001 pound rule

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Previously, I’ve given you a dot hazmat placard overview that gave you some of the basics… 574 more words

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The basics of DOT placarding

How much hazmat do I have to have on board before I placard? What the heck is a table 1 and table 2 and how do those tables affect hazmat placarding? 486 more words

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Getting to know hazmat table 1 placards

Time to get down to business with hazmat placards! As we discussed in our
placarding overview  dot hazmat placards are broken into
two groups or “tables”. 426 more words

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IATA Updates Lithium Battery Transport Guidelines

In the 56th edition of its Dangerous Goods Regulations, to take effect on 1 January 2015, IATA has made changes which reflect the updated 18th edition UN Model Regulations, including the determinations by UN Subcommittee of Experts on the Transport of Dangerous goods. 741 more words
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