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Dave Stevens Comic Cover Homage | Hazardpublishing.com

The jungle depths hold many dangers… especially for jungle guides.  Some more fan art for the hazard faithful.  Mike Beckett of “action features.net” fame, took an original unfinished sketch by Dave Stevens (Rocketeer) and finished it, putting his distinctive style into this wonderful action scene.   14 more words

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Back to the Future Comic Book | Hazardpublishing.com

Some more fan art here.  I love the Back to the Future series, and to me it’s a movie series that should never be remade.  But what if?   64 more words

The Thrill Of Ink

Stellar Thief | Hazardpublishing.com

A joint venture here – hopefully just the first of many.  Pencil and ink by Mike Beckett, color by N.David Bauer.  As with a lot of stuff on Hazardpublishing.com there’s no real story to this piece.   28 more words

The Thrill Of Ink

Strato-Hawk | High Road to Riches

Strato-Hawk goes behind enemy lines on a private mission to disrupt a gold shipment from the Reichsbank to Italy.  Danger, death, high-explosives, and maybe a little something for himself, await the famous air-pirate Strato-Hawk!

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Matt Helm | Death of a Citizen

Matt Helm is the most mis-represented book-series-to-film adaptation ever!  Dean Martin’s movies have their place, but to call any of them a Matt Helm movie, is a shame.   33 more words

The Thrill Of Ink

StratoHawk | Episode 1

Check out my newest creative venture – motion comics!  Watch episode 1 of StratoHawk and keep on the lookout for episode 2, coming soon.

Think you could voice one of the character of Strato-Hawk?   23 more words

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