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Girl7 | Hazardpublishing.com


“Girl7”.  Not much more to this character yet.  She’s pretty much your basic space girl concept.  It’s all been done before on this front.  But still a fun exercise in drawing. 8 more words


Chuck Yeager Tribute | Hazardpublishing.com

I haven’t posted anything in a while, got a big project I’m about to start on, but wanted to do this tribute piece for a really cool historical figure, Chuck Yeager. 65 more words

The Thrill Of Ink

Desert Discovery | Hazardpublishing.com

“Desert Discovery” No real plan for this one… just had the vision and wanted to draw a simple exploration piece. Gotta love the old FJ40 Land Cruisers.

The Thrill Of Ink

Rockie Revere: Lady of the Arctic | Hazardpublishing.com

Still on a pencils kick.  A sketch from the other day.  I probably won’t finish this one out.  Sometimes sketches have their own special kind of energy that a finished piece doesn’t convey.

The Thrill Of Ink

Rockie Revere, Arctic Adventurer | Hazardpublishing.com

So I thought it would be cool to have a female adventurer specializing in the arctic, or at the very least, cold weather climates. Furthermore I thought it would be very cool for her to have a pet polar bear and rely on her wits and climbing axe for defense rather than guns.   42 more words

The Thrill Of Ink

Albatross in Time | Hazardpublishing.com

Well, I finally got around to pencilling this Albatross piece I’d sketched a while back.  It was three of the most relaxing hours I’ve spent in a while. 27 more words

The Thrill Of Ink