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Sherlock_London Fog | Hazardpublishing.com

You would not believe the number of times I attempted this piece.  Am I entirely satisfied? No.  Am I letting it go for my own sanity? Yes.


Grey Owl | Hazardpublishing.com

Watercolor pencils on gray paper. I was able to achieve this by spray-mounting the grey paper down to a piece of watercolor paper, giving it some backing and absorption.   28 more words


The Corner | Hazardpublishing.com

“The Corner”

A tiny area of the house, tucked deep in the basement that I call “The Corner” where I create most of my traditional art. 40 more words


Owl by Watercolor | Hazardpublishing.com

Every once in a while I like to try my hand at watercolor.  To me it’s one of those art forms that is at its best when it is seemingly random – just letting the water and color flow and getting something unexpected and natural that resembles reality.   52 more words


Bauer Knife Rack | Hazardpublishing.com

Upon realizing I had close to a dozen pocket knives tucked away here and there, I decided to make a rack so I could easily see my choices each morning.  106 more words