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On the 20th of June, in a secluded Warwickshire wood, something special was happening…

If you were to go back to 300 years ago, you probably would have been able to go out into one of our many woodland areas and find the hazel dormouse, sadly though, this is no longer the case. 588 more words

Dormice and Harvest Mice in Carmarthenshire? Recent Meadow Sightings.

Many thanks to CMG member Lynne Sharpe for the following piece, and for my near neighbour, smallholder and amazing photographer Dave Bevan for very kindly supplying some of his fabulous photos of small mammals to illustrate this post. 1,030 more words


Dormouse box check September 2016: lifting Sophie's curse

I was very excited about this month’s dormouse box check, after the promising signs last month, finding a pregnant dormouse and a young family. I was expecting to find boxes of bouncy young dormice, ready to explode out like jack-in-the-boxes as soon as the lid was removed. 608 more words