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New Book: Assange solicited Anonymous group to hack Icelandic government sites, instigate uprising

For those of us who follow Anonymous, Wikileaks and Occupy, the connections between the three are not news.  We’ve been watching the connections for a long time. 618 more words


Assange Extradition; Exposing the Political Smear of the Swedish Sex Allegations against Assange; MiniMisInfo talks with Christine Assange

Julian Assanges’ mother Christine has been campaigning tirelessly to clear her son’s name, inform our politicians of the facts, and counter the smear campaigns launched by the Mainstream Media. 2,847 more words

SSCC 84.66 - RSA conclusion, award winners, HB Gary and big data

Chet Chat 84-and-two-thirds was recorded live on the docks at the San Francisco Ferry Terminal with Duck and Chet basking in the afternoon sunshine as RSA attendees began their journeys home. 224 more words


The HBGary Federal Hack

In February 2011, the loosely knit collective of hacktivists known as Anonymous successfully compromised the corporate network of HBGary Federal (HBG Fed), a company that provided information security services to the federal government of the United States. 1,320 more words


HB Gary: Cold Case?

Over the course of the HB Gary attack we learned a great many shocking lessons about security standards and how well they are applied in our… 245 more words


Social Engineering: Why Loose Lips Sink Ships

The last part of the HB Gary attack was the social engineering phase brought in to extract user information relating to a sister organization. Social engineering is the practice of posing as a figure of authority or privilege to gain information, benefits, or materials restricted to those individuals. 571 more words


Rainbow Tables: Why Good Passwords Save You

When HB Gary was attacked with an SQL Injection to retrieve user sensitive information, only half the job was accomplished. The user data containing the passwords was encrypted with a… 406 more words