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Anne is Short for Annecie.

Annecie pronounced as (antsy-nancy). Totally unique and Fits me perfectly. It’s French. Something about sunshine. It wasn’t something just picked out randomly. Everyone’s name mean something. 288 more words


Sweet Potato Pie

21: The sweet potato is a standard item on the “soul food” menu. Yet its history and use is complicated. Sweet potatoes, white potatoes, and African yams are not related, yet the names are nearly interchangeable. 833 more words

African Americans

Remembering HBCU: Friendship Junior College

Friendship Normal and Industrial Institute grew out of activities of the Baptist Sunday School conventions of York and Chester Counties in South Carolina.  These conventions met on the fifth Sundays for a day of readings, speeches and preaching. 310 more words


HBCU Campaign Fund’s Chancellor/President Spotlight Tuesday: Dr. Henry N. Tisdale

Each Tuesday the HBCU Campaign Fund organization will highlight a Chancellor or President, who currently serves at a Historically Black College and University.

This initiative recognizes the current individuals who serve historically black colleges and universities changing and educating lives daily and producing visionary leaders of the next generation. 803 more words


Decision-Making Time: What are the Artifacts in Choosing a College?

During the months of decision-making for the choice that involves the next step of your future. Students must make a move on where to go to college. 623 more words


"Lets Face It!"

I woke up a little disturbed and upset. How can a PWI and HBCU academics be so different? Forget what Stacey Dash said, she obvisoulsy is not in touch with HER HISTORY! 215 more words


Gotta Hear Both Sides...

An argument between couples usually ends with someone (most often the female) storming off and slamming the door. Here it consists of screaming at one another for hours until neither one of them have the energy to leave and eventually end up staying the night together. 499 more words