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Episode 21 - S02E11 - "Blue Balls Lagoon"


Ben Cohen joins us to talk about a terrible episode, Drama’s weird head, the Sinbad vehicle First Kid, and we get a very, very special surprise phone call from noted right-wing actor Adam Baldwin.


What I've been watching this summer...

Sorry folks, I’ve been on hiatus for a while enjoying the great outdoors.  Remember when summer was a tv wasteland and we had to wait until September for decent television?   640 more words


5 Things I Learned About People From Their Hatred of True Detective Season Two

Ray Velcoro was my kind of guy. He drank a lot, was haunted by personal demons, regretted most of his life, and made bad decisions. I loved him. 1,955 more words

"I'm guilty of a far more monstrous crime. I'm guilty of being a dwarf."

From: Game of Thrones

Genre: Television

Who said it?: Tyrion Lannister

The story behind the quote: The quote comes the HBO television series Game of Thrones. 191 more words


APA, Innovative Artists Book Clients on Fox's 'The Grinder,' HBO's 'Veep' and other projects

APA has booked first a.d. Frederic Henocque (“Limitless”) and costume designer Carlos Rosario (“The Last Ship”) on Gerard Johnson’s “The Godmother”; and editors Josh Drisko (“It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”) on Fox’s “The Grinder” and Alan Cody (“Jane Got a Gun”) on Cinemax’s “Outcast.” The agency has signed production designer Todd Jeffery (“Smartass,” “7 Days in Hell,” pictured above). 170 more words


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New trending GIF tagged television, hbo, luis guzman, how to make it in america, rene calderon, victor rasuk, dont even talk to me if you dont think rene was the shit, cam calderon via http://ift.tt/1PXM0j7

Katrina: Fournette’s neighborhood saves, sustains him

NEW ORLEANS – Four nights and five days.

Leonard Fournette says it over and over as if reciting a Biblical story. Well, there was a catastrophic storm called Katrina. 1,712 more words

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