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 A Baking Binge Helped Me Write.

Please come, sit back and relax and meet our next Guest JINA S. BAZZAR  Authors Inspirations. I have been invited to guest post here on Esme’s blog. 26 more words


The Dream is Over: The Reality of One's Nature in HBO's Westworld

In an interview by Matt Giles for Men’s Journal with show-runner of Westworld, Jonathan Nolan mentions that this tv series is about “human nature”. (Westworld) Being individuals who understand the themes behind these works, Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy are right on one aspect: Westworld revolves around characters, also known as hosts, such as Dolores, that are out to find their identities and in the process of which they discover something unsettling. 2,558 more words


Damon Lindelof Promises a Remixed, New Testament Version of the ‘Watchmen’ Story!!!

Damon Lindelof took to Instagram today to give an update on his long-percolating Watchmen project for HBO. And boy howdy, it’s something. The writer made a five-slide post of a letter written in a voice like that of Doctor Manhattan to try and get across his idea for his new series, as a way (it seems like) to try and head-off rabid fans who are primed to be wary of it (especially after the full-on mess that was… 519 more words


It's A Hard Knock Life

HBO’s popular show Hard Knocks will in this upcoming season feature the Cleveland Browns.  Great choice for the NFL and HBO.  Terrible choice for the Cleveland Browns and their franchise.  250 more words


Damon Lindelof says he'll to 'remix' Watchmen series for HBO

‘Damon Lindelof knows that a lot is riding on his upcoming HBO adaptation of the Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons iconic limited comic series Watchmen.  403 more words


Damon Lindelof Explained His New, Original ‘Watchmen’ Series In A Very Personal Letter

It’s been three decades since Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons released Watchmen. Their dark and nihilistic tale of over-the-hill superheroes elevated the comic book medium… 395 more words

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Westworld Walkthrough: S2E5 - "Akane No Mai"

The hit HBO show Westworld is back for a second season. Each week we’re we’re going to be walking through each new episode, and giving our thoughts on how thing played out. 998 more words