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“The Night Of” Finale Recap: An Exercise in Ambiguity

It is testament to the skill behind “The Night Of” that the miniseries answered its most pressing concern in the last seconds of the finale: the cat. 1,201 more words


Jaime Lannister Is The Most Dynamic 'Game of Thrones' Character And This Video Proves It

In fiction, there are designations for characters called static and dynamic. Static means that throughout the arc of the story the character remains mostly the same, while dynamic means that they learn, grow and change. 291 more words


The Night Of Finale Recap: The Closing Makes the Man

For the last seven weeks, HBO’s The Night Of has served up burning questions with the swiftness and regularity of a New York City pizzeria doling out oven-hot slices. 850 more words


HBO Releases An Intense, Mind-Bending New Trailer For 'Westworld'

HBO’s upcoming drama Westworld might appear to be a strange, sci-fi western on the surface, but the heart of the show (and the original film) is a lot more sinister and mind-bending. 180 more words


'Westworld' Full Length Trailer: There May Be Something Wrong With This World

We’ve known for a while that HBO’s upcoming tv series remake of Westworld is going to differ from the 1973 Michael Crichton film on which it’s based, but the full length trailer that debuted tonight makes those differences explicit. 199 more words


Maisie Williams Talks the End of HBO's 'GAME OF THRONES'

Last month, HBO confirmed that Season 8 will mark the end of GAME OF THRONES, and now Maisie Williams has talked to Variety a bit more into details on why the executive producers David Benioff and D.B. 587 more words


Ballers Live Stream: How To Watch Season 2, Episode 7 “Everybody Knows" Live Online

Ballers is HBO’s most successful comedy in a decade. Not since Entourage has HBO aired a comedy this popular. It shouldn’t come as a surprise, though, because the Rock is one of the most successful actors in Hollywood. 402 more words