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STARTING-UP WITH THEM: the Ecell and the Incubator story

“Heads I win; Tails I don’t lose much” is the strategy of a smart Entrepreneur. And the first time I heard it, it wasn’t coming form the pep talk of a serial Entrepreneur or an international incubator but from scribbled notes of a student at a state level Venture Capitalists’ event. 1,294 more words

Exclusive: What's behind the exodus from Rent the Runway?

In the last 10 months, Rent the Runway has lost its chief operating officer, chief financial officer, chief marketing officer, chief creative officer, chief technology officer, chief people officer, and head of partnerships. 1,679 more words


My "Touchy-Feely" Field 1 Experience - What I Learned and Why it Matters

Although I have taken many lessons from Field Foundations that can be leveraged later, the lessons that will stick with me the strongest have been the emotional intelligence lessons.  521 more words


Saffron and Networking - One Example of Interconnection @ HBS

There is one comment that stands out; one conversation having made a great impression on me in these first two weeks.  My Field professor told a story about a former student who had boldly followed her passion to start a social enterprise in Afghanistan, selling saffron grown by former opium farmers.  213 more words


What I've learned from my first few LEAD cases at Harvard Business School

Not all leadership looks the same; there is no prescribed formula for what makes a good leader. Rudi Gassner believed that there are many pathways to success, so a leader is best served by being him or herself. 133 more words


HBS Interview Invites, Practice Makes Perfect

HBS interview style is unique in many ways.  First, it is exactly 30 minutes, not 31, not 29.  This means you need to be very strategic on ensuring your best examples of leadership and impact make it into those 30 minutes.   241 more words


You should demand compliments from friends and colleagues, a Harvard Business School study says

It’s time to start fishing for compliments and lapping up praise, because people who are reminded of times they’re at their best are more likely to succeed once again. 422 more words