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Bog Myrtle Beer Tasting

Another in our series of SMASH herbal beers (see Meadowsweet and Heather): Bog Myrtle! Please follow the links below for the archaeological and literary evidence for bog myrtle beers during the Greco-Roman era (and elsewhere): 167 more words


Brewing a Meadowsweet SMASH(erb) Beer

It is brewday! (or, at least it was brewday last Sunday). After obtaining meadowsweet from an online herbal distributor and the base grains from the local homebrew shop, I brewed a quick beer, adding meadowsweet at the beginning of the boil. 715 more words


HBW: Emmer and Einkorn Beer

As part of this ongoing series of homebrewing ancient grains, I continue to explore the viability of brewing with emmer and einkorn.

Previously, I malted an emmer… 307 more words


HBW: Emmer Beer (Brewing), Pt. 1

Recently, I attempted to brew a 100% malted emmer beer (Malting Process). Emmer, Triticum dicoccum, is a hulled, tetraploid wheat that was commonly used for brewing by the Egyptians and Gauls (Celtic European tribes). 298 more words

Homebrew Wednesday

HBW: Emmer Beer Pt. 1

After much discussion this summer about the Grains of Gaul, I have decided to brew beer with traditional (ancient) Celtic and (modern) non-traditional grains. In this initial installment, I malt and brew with emmer, 324 more words