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HBW: Emmer Beer Pt. 1

After much discussion this summer about the Grains of Gaul, I have decided to brew beer with traditional (ancient) Celtic and (modern) non-traditional grains. In this initial installment, I malt and brew with emmer, 324 more words


HBW: Millet Beer Tasting

Several weeks ago, BCS brewed a millet beer. This recreation follows a description in Strabo about an Ethiopian millet drink. The wort has since fermented, the beer bottle-conditioned, and the suds consumed. 188 more words

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#HBW Update: Tasting PBX #1 Lentil Beer

In this previous post, Kyle describes his first-ever #HBW beer experiment for recreating the Armenian lentil beer described by Xenophon. As you may recall, BCS did a whole series on this beer (find all posts  179 more words


HBW #11: Spontaneous Fermentation Check-In

For a number of reasons, I have had trouble resupplying my base malts lately. As a result, I was unable to try to referment a barley/wheat/lentil wort using the wild yeast/trub/spent grains from the previous brew ( 156 more words