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Modern Documentary

When it comes to short form content, the internet has brought many platforms on which it can thrive and reach wide audiences, but how has this content had to adapt in order to stay relevant on these websites? 57 more words


The Job

Working in the health service can be one of the most fulfilling and rewarding jobs out there. Emerging bright eyed and shiny shoe-d from all that training we dive head first into the shift work, wade fearlessly into the heady swirl of the human condition and ride the adrenaline fuelled ups and downs of managing often terrifying situations. 683 more words


Why is resilience important?


This is partly a personal blog and partly starting to put ideas together for a lecture on resilience and why is it increasingly important to support and promote it in NHS workers. 321 more words


Can cooking food be bad for you?

Since starting my blog I have spent months researching the effect of various foods and ingredients on our health. Usually I would focus on the product itself and its nutritional value but it has been brought to my attention that there are various other factors that can affect the quality of the food in your diet. 1,070 more words


Liver tumours - a lesser known side effect of the pill

In a cruel twist of irony, imagine the reason you may never be able to have a baby is because of the contraceptive pill. Some women using the pill long term may find themselves faced with a rare but serious side effect; a liver tumour. 835 more words

Dumb Love and The Little (Soviet) Mermaid.

How can you keep on merging poetry and imagination while something so obscene and “practical” like troops invading a country is happening under your nose?

639 more words

10 Tips for Seniors to Eat Healthy on a Budget

Even when you are aware which foods to select for your loved one’s health, being able to pay for those items can be challenging with a fixed income. 603 more words

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