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Goodbye S

I said goodbye to you today. I watched your coffin being carried in. I sat down and I listened to your sister tell us what an amazing life you had. 135 more words


I'm Just A Carer 

You don’t see me when I’m worrying about the man in the bed who is deteriorating & the paperwork and job list is stacking.
Paperwork that requires a lot of time and accuracy and in fear of getting it wrong and used against you in court doesn’t matter because there is no time to do that paperwork due to increasing demands and decreasing time. 853 more words

Five days

My five days have come to an end and I cannot be more happier.

I am shattered but I have probably had the best five days ever. 103 more words


Caring for those with Dementia

Working in care isn’t for everyone. We’re not all designed to care. Some people who work in care are heartless, they do it for the pay check at the end of the month. 320 more words

Mental Health

Dealing with death

I started writing this post on dealing with death and how to look after ourselves whilst grieving more about my job more than anything. In the healthcare sector we experience death. 467 more words


Why Credit Suisse Sees Insurers Gaining More Than Hospitals

Health care reform is at the top of the to-do list for the current administration and has been a large the source of contention between the two main parties. 320 more words

Healthcare Business

AID2 | Reflective Report

I have found this module to be very helpful despite how small it actually has been. its forced me to consider things I otherwise would not have about my goals for the next 12 months, and has given me a good action plan that will keep me up to date with my business strategy. 30 more words